2B Social Commerce–What is the system of $0 BARGAIN ? Can it raise sales?

Free Program “Cut Price $0 Purchase” Usage Scenarios

1.Sellers simply upload product information, confirm the free quantity, and upload the information you want to advertise on the details page. Complete the above three steps, that you complete the settings of the activity “$0 Bargain Purchase”.

2.Global buyers just click to share the “$0 Bargain Purchase” page to your own social platforms, such as Facebook Timeline or Facebook groups, let friends help bargain and share. Customers get free products and sellers get high visibility.

3.Every time you give away a product, the seller will receive 300-1000 page exposures.

4.For the quantity of free products, free to set 1-1000.

5.The details page can be placed to include: product information, company introduction, event introduction, online and offline community introduction, online or offline store introduction, self-media homepage introduction, and so on.

6.Small wholesalers start $0 bargain, not only can get free samples, but also can test the quality and the market popularity of the product; if the feedback is good, you can directly place orders.

7.Through the viral distribution of product and enterprise information, it is our aim to make the best matching of buyers and sellers around the world.


The Details of FREE BARAIN:

1.Choose a product, start a “Free Bargain.”

1)Log in our website:www.buyerparty.com;
2)Choose a “FREE BARGAIN” product you like, click “$0 Target”;

3)Check the shipping address and “Commit”;
4)Share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… etc, including groups, invite friends to help you cut price.

2.How to cut price?

1)Click on the link that your friend has shared with you;
2)Click”Help Fiend Cut”;
3)If you also want to start a new free bargain, just click “I’ll take it free, too”, Choose a product to start a “Free Bargain.”

3.When the price has been cut to $0 successfully, sellers will get the address and contact information of
the customers, and deliver the products to them.


1)Invite friends to cut price to $0 in 24 hours and get free goods.
2)Random price-cutting amount. The more friends join, the much easier succeeds.
3)One person is allowed to help cut price up to 3 times a day, and each person is only allowed to help cut once for one project.
4)BuyerParty reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

5.For seller to upload “Free Bargain” Products:

Just click “Upload” on www.buyerparty.com to upload products as usual, and choose the option to be allowed $0 target the cut price, fill in the shipping fee and the number of bargain stock.

Global merchants can use it for free, great tool of cross-border self-media marketing, go ahead and start it!

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