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The harvest and summary of Nepal International Trade Fair

  The 7th Nepal International Trade Fair is successfully concluded.I participated in this fair as an exhibitor with Mr.Prasant Raaz Moktan.He is our city agent in Nepal.Through greater clarity of communication,I found that Prasant is...


2020 Internet Business Forecast

In the age of internet, ‘future’ means three months or five months later rather than three years or five years. Here, I said that, it is the five-year future. Moreover, for international trade and...


Why Buyerparty?

Why BuyerParty? Sharing Economy in business field: 1) PRE-ORDER to avoid inventory risk 2) GATHERING ORDERS to get better price by big-scale production 3) NEW PRODUCT CROWDFUNDING to avoid tried-and-error cost Private Space Crowdfunding:...


The Big Splash On ASD Show

  At the Las Vegas Show,Feb. 28 th-Mar.2,2016. Buyerparty landed on N1050. Creative business mode, accurate customer orientation, and fashionable&creative product layout, which attracted great admiration from the buyers and sellers Our booth was...