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Stamp crease seal market research

“There are no ugly women, only lazy women.”It seems to have become the most recognized monologue among millions of women around the world. With women worldwide are participating in this beautiful cultivation, the cosmetics...

Language is no longer an obstacle to international trade 0

Language is no longer an obstacle to international trade

Foreign language, import and export rights, customs clearance and international logistics lower the threshold, empowering each businessman to purchase global sales worldwide — By Patrick May 16, 2018 Over the years, foreign languages, import...


Market research on cool LED masks

The first research time of this paper is Mar.15, 2018. LED mask,this shiny, cool mask is perfect for parties, especially popular during Halloween. 1 、Google trends According to the Google Trend, the interest of...


A market research on Amabrush

This toothbrush is fully automatic, just press the button, it can complete the teeth cleaning in 10 seconds, a real lazy toothbrush. Once the product is launched on kickstarter, it raised €3198516, which is...