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Language is no longer an obstacle to international trade 0

Language is no longer an obstacle to international trade

Foreign language, import and export rights, customs clearance and international logistics lower the threshold, empowering each businessman to purchase global sales worldwide — By Patrick May 16, 2018 Over the years, foreign languages, import...


What is Buyerparty?

 Buyerparty is a new stuff which is different from Alibaba. Buyerparty can be regarded as a free presale tools for global designers or manufacturers. Buyerparty is not equivalent to merely selling Chinese products to...


History of 2016 market trend report —Updated every week

History of 2016 Market Trend Report  Updated Every Week Including Alibaba, BuyerParty, Amazon prices comparison:     Download or view the report on below: Market Trend Report —-5,27th 2016 Google Drive: Dropbox:


2020 Internet Business Forecast

In the age of internet, ‘future’ means three months or five months later rather than three years or five years. Here, I said that, it is the five-year future. Moreover, for international trade and...


Why Buyerparty?

Why BuyerParty? Sharing Economy in business field: 1) PRE-ORDER to avoid inventory risk 2) GATHERING ORDERS to get better price by big-scale production 3) NEW PRODUCT CROWDFUNDING to avoid tried-and-error cost Private Space Crowdfunding:...