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Where does the traffic (customer) come from? – Foreign trade growth hacking 500 method 195

Where does the customer come from? How is traffic obtained? For foreign trade is a very core issue.
However, every foreign trader may not be able to fully understand the specific channels from which traffic flows. This article makes some simple summaries.

Traffic comes from the following seven channels:

1, offline exhibition
2, search engine
3, from the social media
4, the community
5, mail marketing
6, advertising
7, e-commerce platform

Exhibitions are the most costly but efficient channel. Face-to-face with customers, easy to communicate in depth and build long-term relationships.

Many customers use search engines to find products and suppliers, or to learn about new products. So search engines are also very precise channels. However, search engines are sensitive to text and articles, and are easy to capture text content. Search engines are relatively weak in capturing images and video content. Auxiliary search engines work unless there is a good text definition for the image and video content. The search engine’s working logic is “matching.” Accurately “match” the searcher and the content being searched.
So getting the content online, and distributing the “keywords” is the starting point for working with search engines.

To make self-media a tool for your efficient work, you must understand that the three main working logics of self-media are: “subscription”, “system recommendation” and “user forwarding”. System recommendation means that the media will make active recommendations and information distribution according to certain system rules. For example, youtube and Pinterest will give users active recommendations; user forwarding is easy to generate “viral communication.” If your content can be distributed in large quantities from the social media platform (such as Tik Tok ), or if your content can motivate users to forward a lot, it is possible to achieve explosive growth in readings.

Of course, the social media can be very quiet. You can think of self-media as just a platform for customers to subscribe to your content. Let customers subscribe to your content. This is a bit like the “mail marketing” feature. Just email marketing distributes content via email, and content is subscribed directly from the social media through the system.

Therefore, it is very important to print our self-media account on the business card to facilitate the customer to “subscribe”.

The self-media platforms available to mainstream foreign traders are: Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Messenger, Wikipedia, Raddit, Quora. . .

Nowadays, many e-commerce platforms have their own traffic, so registering an e-commerce platform and becoming a seller inside can certainly become a channel for obtaining traffic.

With a comprehensive analysis of the source of the traffic, we can target the target clearly and plan to improve the efficiency of the work.

The above is a brief summary.

——By patrick

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