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15 days 8000pcs quantity orders – how to build a B2B wholesale group-buy whatsapp group – Foreign Trade Growth Hacker 500 Method 167

Since the social media group marketing, it is a relatively unfamiliar marketing operation. We also experienced two years of trial and error, and finally came to fruitful results.
Interlocking, 2 days,1560pcs order, 15 days, 66 wholesalers, wholesale-group-purchase 4945pcs mobile phone holder, and 1150pcs mobile phone bracket, and 2010pcs other products mixed batch. How did you do it?

In 15 days
Organize 4 rounds of wholesale group purchase
Get 3945pcs mobile phone bracket orders for our 3 Whatsapp groups
My own 3 Whatsapp groups also received orders for other 2010pcs products at the same time.
One group owner cooperate to group-purchase 1150pcs mobile phone bracket order

(1) Facebook one year and three months operation

Before successfully achieving wholesale group purchase, our facebook account was operated by a salesperson and operated for one year and three months.
During the operation of facebook, it mainly targeted the market of a country, and the number of friends increased from zero to more than 600. If it is not to unify a country, operations such as transportation will easily fail.
Usually publish life information and work information, and maintain a certain degree of activity.
In June of this year, many Facebook friends were looking for a manual sealing machine.
We seized this opportunity and released the sealing machine product on the timeline. As a result, many merchant friends liked and commented.
People who are generally engaged in international trade will choose one message to reply, or add each other to their friends and then privately trust them. Our team used to do the same before. I found that such an operation is complicated, and the same question is repeated. And there is no effect, after the reply, it is difficult to finally harvest the order.
Because there was a failed operation, this time we created a Whatsapp group. Then invite everyone who posts each message to this whatsapp group. It is enough to reply to the same question once or twice, without repeating the answer. Since the group of friends are from the same country, everyone is more active and the atmosphere is very good.

(2) logistics and express
Before releasing the product, you must first resolve the logistics and customs clearance issues. Otherwise it is easy to have no result.
Because we choose to buy wholesale products, we are currently choosing small size products, small size, and cheap freight. Customs clearance is also relatively simple.
Every time we release a product, we will calculate the price of the product and the price of the logistics, and directly release the price of the door to door. Such a small buyer is easier to operate, and the willingness to place an order will be higher.

(3) Need cooperation with local partners
From the first group of friends who placed orders, we found buyers with larger orders, people are more active, and they have buyers who have experience in running the company. Talk to him about cooperation. As our partner, we will give a certain commission for each shipment.
Because when the group communicates, there is a local person to cooperate, the language will prevail. The agent will also help to respond to group questions in a timely manner, greatly improving efficiency. And many after-sales operations require agents to help complete. Therefore, when using foreign media groups to operate, try to find such partners.

(4) The first order establishes word of mouth
Due to the smooth delivery of the first group wholesale order sealing machine in June. Buyers received the goods smoothly, no quality problems. Gradually established trust and gained a good reputation. It laid a good foundation for the second and third wholesale group purchases.

(5) The importance of group marketing live broadcast
In the B2B business, the establishment of trust and word of mouth is very important. The front is slow, including the facebook account to operate for a while, accumulate contacts.
In the group marketing process, live and short video tools are often used in the early stage. Especially for new group friends, the live broadcast can be pulled in a short time. Because live broadcasts are not easy to fake.
In the early stage, we will broadcast several times after we release new product information. Let the group friends know the effect of our own use of the product.
When packaging and shipping, try to broadcast or post pictures to let buyers see the progress of the work. Buyers’ trust in you will increase greatly.

(6) Fast success of two orders and three orders

Thanks to the success of the first single sealing machine. When we released the wholesale sales of mobile phone holders, it took only two days to successfully fight for the number of 1,500 or so.
Group operations, when we need to meet the details, try to maintain flexible communication.
For example, the minimum order quantity for each small buyer we booked at the beginning must be 50. There are a few group friends who want to order 20pcs orders, so more people will be willing to buy. After the team discussed it, we reduced the number of mobile phone holders to 20pcs as minimum order quantity on the same day. Attract more buyers to buy.
Wholesale group buying time should not be dragged on for too long. Generally, we initiate a group purchase and we require payment within three days. Such a small buyer will directly call us the money, or use the local currency to call the agent, and then the agent will be replaced by the US dollar. End the fight once every four to five days. Then there will be no payment, we will continue to launch a new group on the fifth day. This makes it easy to operate each time the buyer’s order quantity, amount, and delivery address are registered. It’s a long time and it’s easy to get confused.

Small buyers from the social media are different from big buyers who operate international formal foreign trade. A single buyer has a small order, a small quantity, a small amount, and no formal contract will be signed. Register the list directly in the group.

However, manual registration is also easy to confuse, especially considering that the future group is expanding, and the number of buyers in the group reaches hundreds of people. It is very easy to make mistakes by using manual accounting and recording addresses. When reaching this scale, it is recommended to use the BuyerParty system for group operations. Each small buyer places an order directly on the BuyerParty website. The number of back-end orders and each buyer’s address record is very clear and improves efficiency.

(7) A calm response when you are embarrassed or misunderstood. How to convert into a word of mouth advertisement?

Group operations, there will be many unexpected situations. Such as malicious attacks or misunderstandings.
When we were in the group operation, some people misunderstood because the price of the publication was inconsistent with the price of the website.
The price we publish in the group is the price of the product price plus the logistics cost, and the price published on the website is the ex-factory price. Some merchants saw this price contradiction, took screenshots of website prices, posted them in several business groups, and claimed that we were an untrustworthy businessman. In particular, this merchant also deliberately joined the three Whatsapp groups we operate to release this information.

However, group friends and local partners attacked this person who blamed us for their long-term trust. In the business group, slander post below comments: We are honest businessmen; reliable; price inconsistency is what causes.
This kind of operation has attracted a group of new small buyers to add us as friends, and join the Whatsapp group to purchase products.

Therefore, accumulating trust, credibility and reputation in the long run is the key point in the B2B operation process.

(It is also recommended that the price of the website can be uniformly published to include the price of logistics and customs duties. One country publishes a product page. The price of the website is consistent with the price of the group. The difference in freight and tariffs varies greatly from country to country. Friends also know that the website price is the ex-factory price, and the shipping cost is calculated separately.)
(8) Buyers actively recommend us from the social media
Thanks to the establishment of trust, and people know that we can provide a good source of products.
Frequently, small buyers see the hot product posts they want, and they will @us, ask us for help. This in turn gives us a lot of market information and product information.
There are also one or two enthusiastic buyers, and even publish our facebook account on their own timeline and business group, highly recommended.
Since media marketing has done a good job, it has gathered popularity and fans, and it is easy for everyone to recommend it.
Recently, dozens of people to dozens of people have been actively added to become friends. My friend of this facebook account also quickly broke through 1,200 people.

(9) Other group owners ask for cooperation (one person owns the group of seven Whatsapp group)
Because heard a lot of people recommend and feel good reputation. A group owner took the initiative to seek cooperation. Put our products in his own Whatsapp group and buy them.
This group owner has seven whatsapp groups of one person. So it didn’t take long for his seven groups to put an order for 1150pcs and give it to us.
Once again, the importance of trust and word of mouth in the process of social media operations.

(10) The number of buyers is increasing. What tools are used to accurately record the order quantity and delivery address of each buyer?
As mentioned above, if you operate a small group, you can use the list of lists to operate when there are only a dozen small businessmen in the group purchase. Once the ordering staff has exceeded 50 people, it is recommended to use the BuyerParty website to upload the product, and then guide the buyer to place orders directly on the system. The back-end order system is a good place to count the number of orders and shipping addresses for each buyer. And buyers can also forward product pages for sharing.

(11) Multinational group purchase
A powerful company can operate several groups of different countries. When wholesale group purchases, groups of different countries can simultaneously purchase a product at a wholesale price. The amount of orders that are aggregated in this way will be even larger. When you purchase, you can get a better price from the factory.
(12) Long-term channels are established
Although group marketing begins, the period of stagnation will be very long, ranging from three months to more than six months. But once trust and word of mouth are established. It will become a solid product sales channel. high efficiency.

(After learning this, most foreign traders will be able to use it. The following is an upgrade operation. The boss of a foreign trade company can unify the company’s registered account and then authorize the salesman to operate.)
(13) Finally, group friends become your own team, build community matrix
Group marketing wants to be bigger, or build more homogeneous groups. Either train the small sellers in the group to make them big sellers.
We have observed that many small buyers have fewer orders, because many small businesses only operate small groups. Or sell it on their facebook fan-page. There is no professional operation yet. So they can only buy twenty or fifty. Train them to give them the ability to run a larger group, and orders will rise. It is better to teach people to fish than to give people the fish. As long as you master the source of goods and provide good services, the people in the group follow the building of a large group, which is equivalent to having a community group matrix.

In addition, the recommendation code system of the BuyerParty can also guarantee the small businesses that you have worked hard to train. In the future transactions, you can get their trading commissions. The BuyerParty website has a recommended code system. Each user has a unique recommendation code. Share the recommendation code, let small buyers and small sellers fill in your recommendation code when registering for the BuyerParty website. You can enjoy the commission for each of their trades in the future. When the referee sells something, you will get a 1% commission on the transaction amount. When the referee buys something, you can get a 5% commission on the transaction amount.
You train them, provide them with services, and when they grow up, use commissions to repay you. I hope that the world of business is fair to apprentices and fair to teachers.

The above sharing is aimed at B2B marketing, establishment of operation procedures and key points.

The logic is very different for retail operations and B2B wholesale operations.
Retail relying on traffic
Wholesale by trust
The retail group is fast, and it is difficult to repurchase.
Wholesale group starts slowly, repurchase more

In retail groups, customers buy goods. In wholesale group, the customer is essentially buying your service.
Here is a foreign trade growth hacker who shares one or two growth cases or methods every week. The world is changing, how can the foreign trade growth method remain the same! Welcome to join us!

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