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The analysis of diamond painting‘s 11 times repeat order in Canada

By Jacqueline

This item “diamond painting”, the customer have repeat ordered 11 times . From sending samples to repeat order 11 times , only take 3 month . Now we will share the detail as follow:

Here is the chart of google trends during the period from 2017 to 2018 .2 , our market research team also found this product are growing .Especially in Europe.

In March ,we send the sample to our agent in Canada .
On April 29 th, she place an order , although the qty is not too many .
The guy who purchase at first time , feel this item are beautiful and fun ,so that they share it among friends. And our agents often share her customer’s painting ,live broadcast and so on , last over two month . So , the order’s qty become more and more .
We found that this product’s price are expensive on some web .Mostly of the them are range from 10 dollar to sixty dollars ,plus the DHL freight ,our wholesale price still very favorable.

The agent told me excitedly that her customer love this product very much. She often puts some of her own diamond-making videos on Facebook and some pictures of the process of making diamonds.Here is the picture of  the children are interested in making diamonds.

In addition , she create a homepage of this product , organize her customer participate into the workshop ,everyone buy many diamond painting on workshop.And the customers request to organize more workshop.

This is the link of this event , you can check the real case directly.

There is a video teach people how to make the diamond painting in this homepage
Homepage link :https://www.facebook.com/cherylthecraftymama/

Similar product case 2 : Why finger spinner are hot-sell on global in such short duration ? Just due to it have many different DIY way for playing . People positive share these on social media.That makes guys going to copy , then share and spread. The spinner ‘s video reached phenomenon viral spread.

Above is the final user ‘s comment on social media . Praise!
This product with a share attribute. So that the final users share a lot .At last more and more clients purchase it . Therefore ,between April to June , repeat order 11 times .

Case analysis:

1, Foreign trade enterprise use social media , cooperate with foreign user .
Social media not only the tool of sharing private information and making friends , but also the tool of sales.

2, Pls select the product which have self-propagating property.

3,Make good use of community

As the wechat group in China . In foreign country , facebook group ,messenger group , whatsapp group. These are make good connection with accurate user,and make a high efficient communicate .Because of the characteristics of instant communication, the characteristics of group chat, the ability to send pictures and videos, and the characteristics of multimedia content such as live broadcast, the cost of building and managing a community is low and high efficient.



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