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How to crowdbuying successfully of 1500pcs within three days via Facebook and WhatsApp

1. How to choose products to improve the success rate of crowdbuying

Pay attention to market dynamics and discover hot items timely.

When your customers are all posting a product or the product has a lot of reviews, it means that this product is hot in local city. You can know the local price from your customers and provide a more competitive price.

This article is about the crowdbuying of food sealing machine. I saw so many customers post this and some of the posts have many reviews. From the posts, i know that the price ranges from 35-50MXN. The video they sent is basically the same or similar. And then i ask the factory to upload the product to buyerparty.



I start my first crowdbuying project with the price of 17.86MXN, 600pcs and free shipping. In order to reduce international shipping costs, i will send all the ordered products to the agent’s address.

After I post, many customers comment and message me. And then I note in the post that those who order at a small quantity like 30pcs or 50pcs should contact Jacqueline. Jacqueline build a temporary WhatsApp group and I tag those who contact me to join this group.

The factory can upload some producing videos, warehouse pictures or other materials here to attract more customers.

3.Crowdbuying via WhatsApp group

All those who are interested in this product can join this group via the link, and everybody can ask their questions. The agent will help them to solve and count the number.

4.Live broadcast to increases order rate

Many customers are interested in this product, but still hesitate to order. As I mentioned above, the video customers send are all downloaded online. It’s not a real shot. So I make a live broadcast with samples from factory. Customers can know more about the products and attract new buyers to join in. Those who are interested in this product will comment below the live. By doing this, the ordering rate will be improved.

5.Order in buyerparty and count the numbers automatically

Then I post the buying link in buyerparty to the WhatsApp group. Buyerparty has a function of crowdbuying, so there is no need to count the ordering quantity manual. I can see the ordering amount directly. The whole ordered quantity is 1550pcs.


6.Post shipping video to group and attract some new interested customers

This product is in stock, so it is arranged for delivery within only two or three days. I take the video of packaged products to the customer. At the same time, some new customers see this video come to contact me.


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