Language is no longer an obstacle to international trade

Foreign language, import and export rights, customs clearance and international logistics lower the threshold, empowering each businessman to purchase global sales worldwide

— By Patrick May 16, 2018

Over the years, foreign languages, import and export rights, customs clearance, and international logistics have all dominated professional import and export companies. Ordinary people want to do cross-border trade, but the lack of professional knowledge hinders everyone’s dream of global trade.

In terms of language, each country has the language of their own, and ordinary people can even only grasp local language, let alone control the foreign language. Under such conditions, can we engage in international trade?

When we all use Facebook and Youtube, we can see a lot of videos and pictures all over the world. Although we do not understand the language of a country, but watching videos and pictures, we are fully aware of what this video is talking about, especially the product video, which is nothing more than to display product features, styles, patterns. The language is replaced by music and visual pictures and videos. In particularly, the recently popular music short video Tiktok, this software APP has occupied the first place in global APP downloads for several months. Most of the videos in it are accompanied with cheerful music without any language. Many merchants use this APP to display products and get good viewing traffic. In other words, the language is completely weakened.

I often share stories with everyone from my own business experience. In 1997, one of my colleagues and I , transported two containers of oranges to the city of Blagoveshchensk, Russia. We rent a bunk in the local fresh-keeping warehouse. Put a few boxes of oranges off to show to buyers. We couldn’t speak a single Russian word. Only a calculator was used to display the price on it for Russian buyers. A few boxes and boxes were sold out, and the oranges of the two containers were sold.

Some time ago I participated in the China Import and Export Fair and I visited Guangzhou Baiyun Garment Wholesale Market. The stores there communicate with businessmen from different countries, both parties do not understand the other person’s language. The same transaction can be smoothly completed.

More importantly, it is now the era of mobile Internet. Live broadcast tools, video tools, self-media tools, group functions, all allow us to communicate across distances, which is very convenient, especially the short video and live broadcast, so that everyone has a very close feeling.

Last week, the Peruvian agent, far away in the other hemisphere, recorded a video on his mobile phone. Through the WeChat group, we can immediately feel the products sold by the Peruvian market and merchants at that time. Through the video, we can immediately get live and fragrant market information.

With mobile phones, videos, private messages and groups, we can instantly display products and market prices. And in the process of placing orders on a site, the language has been very weak in live broadcast or video.

We can already see the products and sellers with “seeing is believing”, although they are far away. And through the platform’s guarantee, rest assured transactions. Finally, the goods are transported through the global logistics system and customs clearance, and delivery to the door.

On Facebook or WeChat, we are often attracted by a product video or picture, and impulsive to place orders. We don’t care what the product is called, and what language is used in the video to indicate information. The moment we saw the video and the picture and decided to buy it, we even completely ignored the language. As we think back, are there more and more impulse buying moments?

Without deliberately learning a foreign language, we can operate international trade. It is a “gift” that this era has endowed us. Even one who speaks only local language and is not fluent in the official language of the country, does not understand any foreign language, the current technology and platform have decomposed the operation to be simple enough and the threshold has dropped sufficiently low.

Compared to many trading platforms, uploading products requires very complicated information. After the product goes online, it needs to do a lot of promotion and drainage. This logic has greatly increased the difficulty of ordinary people in operating international trade. The current trend is simple, simple, lower threshold, and everyone can operate.

Among many 1.0 international trading platforms, I rarely see such a simple operation. Here I have to quote the case of :

Upload product section:
Using a mobile phone, it takes less than a minute to complete the product uploading.
Uploading the product’s module is simple. Picture plus price, you can basically get it.

Sales section:
By publishing product links, product images, and product videos to groups of precise online buyers, you can complete sales actions.
BuyerParty has set up city agents in every city in the world, and let city agents gather local buyers onto online groups. It greatly facilitates the “meeting” between buyers and sellers.

Buyer section:
The threshold for participation of each buyer is also very low. Each buyer’s purchase quantity is not like other international trade B2B platforms, and the number of purchases required to reach the factory production quantity. Each buyer is allowed to purchase a minimum of three to five products which is very low quantity. Buyers from different countries can work together to meet the factory’s production order quantity.

Transport and customs clearance section:
The logistics company is the most professional multinational logistics and import and export clearance agency. Give the goods to them and wait for the goods to arrive.
If you are a seller, you do not have import and export rights, do not know how to export declarations and international logistics, it does not matter. Consult these questions with local city agents. They will recommend good logistics companies to help you. Because now the international logistics companies have door-to-door service. Very convenient.

Action decomposition, reduce the operating threshold. In this era, ordinary people should enjoy the convenience of international trade. Foreign languages, import and export rights, customs clearance, and logistics can all be easily handled.
The video and picture experience is often richer than the language, and the experience is better, so the language is not a problem. The highly organized technology and sales channels allow you to easily sell your products worldwide. Everyone can easily operate international trade.

Looking back at history, comparing different stages, it is not difficult to find that the iteration of technology promotes the iteration of international trade trading tools and trading rules, including the dependence on language:

First, in the era of no Internet. International trade can be traced back to the “Silk Road” and the age of great navigation.

Second, the email age. Foreign trade is dominated by multinational corporations. Foreign languages are a necessary condition for cross-border communication. Multinational companies set transaction standards, including the factory certification standard system, product production standard system, inspection standard system, bank settlement system, logistics system, standard international trade terms, these are the products of this era. The standard is to facilitate transactions. The standard is also for mass production and mass sales. It is very difficult for ordinary people to participate in the international trade business at this stage.

Third, the digital photo era. Foreign trade can be done through an e-commerce website. Finding products is done through search engines. Standardized parameters, and standardized product keywords, are critical during this period. If you do not understand the standardized language, the product is not easily found online.

Fourth, the video age. Foreign trade is based on self-media communication and recommendations from friends. Personalized products cater to individual needs. Products are divided into standard and non-standard products.

Fifth, the live broadcast era. The threshold for foreign trade is further reduced, and ordinary people can complete transnational transactions. Language is no longer a necessary condition. Products are displayed through videos, pictures, and live broadcasts of visualization technology. Online trading groups are used for efficient communication across multiple countries. The platform guarantee mechanism, the professional cooperation of logistics, the city agent system and the city agent service system are all for ordinary people to escort international trade.

This is an era that is about to usher in 5G; this is a pluralistic era; it is an era of innovation and creation; it is also a simpler, more random, more universal, and more flexible era; this is an era of convergence. , It is possible to aggregate simple things into extremely advanced ones; this is also an era of decomposition, which can decompose very complex things into very simple modules; technology empower ordinary people!

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