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The Development of Social Media

The development of social media from text, audio and video updates is almost accompanied by the development of network bandwidth, from 2G, 3G, 4G, and future 5G.

Extrapolating from this pattern can even determine future trends:

— text social media, such as twitter, blog, weibo.

— images social media, such as Pinterest, Instagram.

— video social media, such as youtube.

— music short video social media, such as the Muse,

— live streaming social media, such as facebook live.

— group of from social media — facebook group, whatsapp group.
(why do we list the groups? Because of the precise group of customers, we can achieve efficient group communication and high efficiency.)

— virtual reality broadcast (predicting the future)

— virtual reality group chat (predicting the future)


— 文字自媒体, 比如twitter,博客,微博

— 图片自媒体, 比如Pinterest,Instagram

— 视频自媒体, 比如youtube

— 短视频自媒体,比如muse,抖音

— 直播自媒体, 比如facebook直播

— 自媒体的群 — facebook群,whatsapp群


— 虚拟现实直播(预测未来)

— 虚拟现实群聊 (预测未来)


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