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The Advantages of Crowd-buying Model

Today I used the wal-mart model to illustrate the advantages of crowd-buying model. Wal-mart’s competitiveness is driven by the low cost of procurement through large, centralized procurement. It was distributed to stores around the world. This is the key to wal-mart’s success. The disadvantage is that due to the centralized procurement, the products of each store cannot be purchased completely according to the local market demand, nor can the “quick response” purchase be made according to the rapidly changing market demand. This is the wal-mart model flaw.

The crowd-buying model aims to aggregate orders in all cities around the world, and the future can be compared to large supermarket chains on the scale of orders. In addition, in the Crowdbuying model, the purchasing decisions are the terminal community stores and small online stores, and the most understanding of their end-user needs. They can quickly adjust their products according to market changes.
This is the outlook for the Crowdbuying model in terms of scale and rapid response market demand.

So the goal of the city agency is very clear. It is to introduce the city terminal small merchants, including: community shop, hardware store, small supermarket, online shop, small wholesale store, grocery store, small shop. The owners were not able to enjoy the benefits of global buying and large-scale centralized procurement. Now through the Internet of the Crowdbuying group, aggregate small buyers power. Buy together,  benefit together.

The Crowdbuying Facebook group is the key, only the group can realize the rapid communication across city information. Including new product release, rapid feedback of market demand information, information aggregation.

Start with 100 small stores in each agent city. Step by step.












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