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Successful Crowdbuying cases

Today I will share with you seven weapons of community marketing. The seven weapons can be used alone or in combination, and they can achieve efficient fission. The weapons are constantly updated, and there are actually more than seven.
Remember this word: “Tool drives marketing!”
I cannot explain the details of each weapon now, and you can search on Baidu or Google.
Red envelope, crowdbuying, gift-giving, bargain, poster, reduction and robots.

Firstly, let’s retrospect the two methods of community marketing we have talked before. One is relationship built by three steps of community relationship management. Relationship transformation is a core method, and we will build a whole sustainable business mode on this basis. The other one is three steps of fission marketing. Do fissile with fish bait, then you can see the fish pond. Fission is divided into two types: pre-sale fission and after-sale fission.

Some of the tools I’m talking about are pre-sales and some are good for after-sales.
So far, the most effective and widely used tool is crowdbuying. In recent three years, the usage and trade volume of crowdbuying is growing quickly. Many people know about crowdbuying because of Pinduoduo which is the biggest B2C crowdbuying e-commerce platform. According to the newest data, it’s daily orders have overtaken JD.com. While the crowdbuying of Buyerparty.com is aimed at B2B, which is a model to empower small business.

First kind crowdbuying: common crowdbuying
There are essentially two types of crowdbuying: common crowdbuying and stair crowdbuying.
Today we will talk with you about two types of crowdbuying and three types of fission modes. Actually, Pinduoduo only uses one kind of fission to attract new users, while in community marketing era, “distribution+crowdbuying” is the best method! One of my customer says that we crowd relationship to buy the goods. She understands it very well.

This is a common crowdbuying. In the specified time to achieve the specified number of groups, then you can enjoy the price of the group, otherwise it will automatically refund.

The second type of crowdbuying: stair crowdbuying.
So called stair crowdbuying means that the price is dynamic, the more buyers, the lower the price will be. When participating in the group, pay a deposit, and then make up balance payment according to the number of people.

That is stair crowdbuying.
Following is another case of stair crowdbuying.

Finite fission is also known as the member upper limit fission, which is the first method of Pinduoduo.

Now I will talk about three types of crowdbuying fission modes–finite fission, infinite fission and polymerization fission.

Why can finite fission fissure?
Let’s see another case.
One group fissure into several groups. Because of the member limit, for example, three-member group, when the fourth member wants to join, he has to build a new group. If you share a three-member group to your Wechat, and 10 people want to join,but only 3 people can join it, then the left 7 people have to build a new group and they have to share to their Wechat, it is the fission.

Let’s see this case.
Limit time, infinite members.
Infinite fission, also known as the non – member upper limit fission, that is only setting the minimum number of a group, but does not set the maximum number of members.

The second mode: infinite fission

Infinite fission is an important mode of “distribution+crowdbuying”.
The key is the next step. These small captains set up a pickup location in their community.
This case is made by a member called “Guangzhou Duoyu Xiaoguanjia”, and he has a store named “Weilai Jieshi”. You will notice that there are big captain and small captain, he himself is the big captain and he also developed 76 customers to be small captains who can get commission, they are agents actually.

The third mode: polymerization fission
The following case is the most important case and this mode is also the most important one.
The core crowd of social e-commerce is hot mom, baby mom and old mom.
Hot mom is suitable for selling skin care products, old mom is good at selling fresh and daily necessities, and baby mom can sell baby products.
Community crowdbuying is very hot this year, there are millions of communities in your country, and every community has a captain, if you make these captains be your small captains, what will happen?
This case is interesting, an entity shop developed the captains around him into their own distribution and collection points, that is to realize the function of a considerable part of stores. He doesn’t need to pay the rent for these to the point, also do not need to pay wages for these small captains, but to expand their own sales radius. In fact, his store becomes front positions.
Consumers get the goods at the points of small captains.
The group is 8-member group, as long as it reaches 8 members, the captains will earn commission, the more members, the more commission.
Duoyu uses the mode of cooperation pickup location, when the members reach the specified group number, Duoyu will send the goods to the pickup location.
Agents can also teach local suppliers and sellers to operate with this mode when using Buyerparty, that is setting their store as a pickup location.
Before we talk about polymerization fission, let’s think about how human societies are organized.

What is the mechanism of polymerization fission? Look at this case, more than 200 captains promote their own teams, but all the participants gathered in a large ordinary group, when the big group created, the team won.

Allocation Problem
How to allocate the prey? He who has made great contributions gain more, and less contributions gain less. All powerful organizations have solved the problem of synergy and distribution.
People is no match for beast in muscle, strength and speed. Humans can defeat wild animals because they can be organized and coordinated. It is the power of the organization and the community, that makes man triumph over the beast. There is strength in numbers. But one problem must be solved.

Such as this one.
Of course, polymerization fission mode can also be used to stair crowdbuying.

Actually, it was crowdbought by dozens of small captains.

Just now, I shared three fission crowdbuying modes. On the basis of these modes, we developed a new set of business mode “group marketing”.
I believe most of you are excited now.
Now the largest traffic entrances are in the group, especially the small group with strong relationships, and the consumption transformation ability is the strongest. But the problem with each small group is that it is not large enough, and the polymerization fission model solves this problem. We can aggregate the forces of thousands of scattered groups together to make a large group. Because of the scale, we can bypass the wholesale market and get goods directly from the origin. Moreover, all consumers’ money is paid first, and the cost of inventory and wastage is avoided.
At that time, I saw that this case set 2000 people as a group target, and it was only three days available, so I really worried about it. Because if less than 2,000 people, even 1,800 people, they have to give everyone a refund when the time is up. But more than 200 captains mobilized, and the goal was achieved overnight.
Imagine that if you have more than 1000 agents, each agent manages a group. They fought for themselves before, but now they fight together, and it’s going to be much faster. Because consumers have a herd mentality, they are more willing to join the group if the group has more people.

The advantage of aggregating fission is that the original dispersed agents can be grouped together to sell a product.
When you are using Buyerparty, hope you can be inspired by the above Chinese cases. Learn and practice these modes in your city.

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