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Short Videos Burst in 4G Era, Will Image-Text Disappear in 5G Era?

In 2G era, people were used to contact friends through messages. Message carries love between lovers, the care of parents and the blessings of holidays. On Spring Festival of 2017, Chinese people have sent more than 15 billion messages.

In 3G era, because of the speed of Internet and the cost of traffic, people added JPG images, emoji and GIF images into monotonous texts, which really glorify the appliance of smart phone.

In 4G era, network speed develops rapidly, has reached 100mbps, which drives many short video businesses. Kuaishou APP uses hyperbole, wulitou recording technique and uses videos to lead you into rural life. Douyin APP is known as inspiring young people’s passion. With a fancy, whimsical background, it introduces you to a new world. Omnipotent Wechat is currently the most popular APP in China, which also updated the short video from 6 second to 10 second. It shows that Ma Yun also realizes the importance of short videos in 4G era.
The once-hot text messaging business is gradually dying out. Even on Spring Festival, the greeting messages are replaced by Wechat images and short videos.

The other day, International communications standards organization 3GPP announced the official LOGO of 5G. China’s second phase of 5G test network will also be launched this year. The global organizations for standardization seem to have made a lot of effort this year, with the current test network delivering a speed of 4Gpbs. The application of 5G technology will be very extensive in the future, and some of the traditional web experiences will also disappear.

1. 5G/WIFI switchover
In 5G era, mobile phone users’ perception differences between mobile network and WIFI network will disappear. From outside to inside, from mobile network to WIFI network, it can achieves seamless and smooth transition.

2.The rise of VR video
Currently, VR is affected by factors such as network speed, delay and noise, which leads to less range of experience. In the age of 5G, these problems will be solved, and the popular short video in the 4G era will be replaced by the popular VR video: on Spring Festival, sons in the USA can sit back on the living room couch and enjoy the New Year’s joy at home with their parents.

3.The disappear of image-text
The age of 5G will bring about a change in the whole social pattern, which will bring about a disruptive change in the Internet-related things, for example, text messages in 2G era, popular images in 3G era and low quality videos in 4G era will gradually die out. With better communication tools, in 5G era chat is more concise and fast, and you can directly shoot a 8K video to your friend. Some female friends who are used to beauty don’t have to worry about it. This function can also be extended to video, which can be sent to your friends with editing.

In the age of 5G, it is inevitable that social formation will be changed again. Please wait and see!

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