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How to solve problems—global crowdbuying does!

As a small seller, do you have trouble like this : domestics business is getting harder and harder. Although global trade is getting closer, it is still very difficult to get a share of it!

That’s really dangerous. Although you have the advantage of local products, you can only sell to local shops or supply to large wholesalers for selling worldwide. Personal profits are getting thinner and thinner.

So you can imagine, as a small seller, if you can sell your special products worldwide, wouldn’t your business be bigger?

Dare you make a bold assumption: Selling your products directly to the whole world!

I know you may have thousands of questions:
Global selling ? Are you kidding me ?
No customers from other countries , who will buy from me ?
I haven’t done international trade before. It’s too complicated and difficult for me to transport and clear.
Low quantity plus with freight and other fees will make a higher price so that nobody buys.

Yes, all of your concerns are correct. But if these problems are solved?

Imagining that, how that can be if the small buyers in the same city put their small deals together into a big one and purchase from you ?

And you may doubt again : there are hundreds of small sellers in a city. How to make them start crowdbuying for you at the same time ?

Let’s assume again, every city has its own local businessmen to be the city agents. And those city agents will form a XX city agent group to guide everyone to start crowdbuying.

Where to find the city agents? How to assure whether they can be trusted?

Everything you need is a platform with city agents: www.Buyerparty.com—a global crowdbuying website, a crowdbuying website with city agents, a website that can sell your products worldwide with less worries and efforts.

As a supplier of buyerparty, you can do WHAT YOU WANT on buyerparty.com.
To upload your products on buyerparty.com and show them to the whole world.

To join 35+Facebook groups formed by their local city agents to promote crowdbuying products.

2018, let’s take you sweep to 200 cities .

What buyerparty.com can do with you in the future is holding your hands and ROCK the 4416 cities worldwide together.

For more information, please join the 35+ city agent group of buyerparty to know the details :


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