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How to Get Customers in International Trade?

With the development of tools, the customer channels are evolving, mainly including the following:

The exhibition — this is a more traditional, expensive, but highly accurate.

Email marketing – low cost, but now easy to be intercepted by the anti-spam coalition.

Search engine – use Google and other search engines to actively search for customer contact information on the Internet.

SEO optimization – the company builds its own website and uses search engine optimization to let customers find you.

E-business platform – by keyword laying, let accurate customers find you.

Social media
— text social media, such as twitter, blog, weibo.

— images social media, such as Pinterest, Instagram.

— video social media, such as youtube.

— music short video social media, such as the Muse,

— live streaming social media, such as facebook live.

— groups of social media — facebook group, whatsapp group.
(why do we list the groups? Because of the precise group of customers, we can achieve efficient group communication and high efficiency.)

— Virtual reality broadcast (forecast future)

— Virtual reality group chat (forecast future)

The above foreign trade is arranged in order, basically according to the historical evolution order. It is also in the order of the continuous updating of the Internet and high-tech tools.


随着工具的发展,获客渠道在不断演变, 主要有以下几种:

展会 — 这个属于比较传统,成本高,但高效精准

邮件群发 — 成本低,但现在容易被反垃圾联盟拦截

搜索引擎 — 利用谷歌等搜索引擎,主动在网络上搜索客户联系方式

独立站SEO优化 — 公司自建网站,并利用搜索引擎优化,来让客户主动找到你

电商平台 — 通过关键词铺设,让精准客户找到你

–文字自媒体, 比如twitter,博客,微博

–图片自媒体, 比如Pinterest,Instagram

–视频自媒体, 比如youtube


–直播自媒体, 比如facebook直播

–自媒体的群 — facebook群,whatsapp群



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