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The harvest and summary of Nepal International Trade Fair

  The 7th Nepal International Trade Fair is successfully concluded.I participated in this fair as an exhibitor with Mr.Prasant Raaz Moktan.He is our city agent in Nepal.Through greater clarity of communication,I found that Prasant is a very enthusiastic person and has his own understanding of our website.He not only works hard, but also is very enthusiastic about the customers.With his help, it was very interesting and enjoyable for me during the five days of the fair.

(Booth display)

  Before this fair,Prasant founded a business group on Facebook.In order to attract more people join this group,the theme of this fair was“24-HOUR ALL YEAR ROUND ONLINE TRADE SHOW”.In combination with his opinions, we chose several products that are hot on Facebook and Google Trends . Sure enough, these items attracted many guests to visit our booth.

(Customers were attracted to the booth by toy track set)

  During the fair, many customers were attracted by the concept of crowd-buying. It seems that they have not been exposed to this new concept before. Prasant tells each customer that he has a group on Facebook and will occasionally share new products, hot product trends, gathering orders, etc. The customers are very excited and happy to join this group.

(Prasant explains the “crowd-buying” concept to the customers)

  Some customers have heard about the e-commerce platforms before and they will also be curious about the difference between our website and other e-commerce platforms.So we will focus on explaining the concept of crowd-buying. We have good price for items,small MOQ and global suppliers’ products as support.This mode is suitable for small buyers to do business.In the meantime,we also have city agents from various countries as support.

(Prasant communicates with customers)

(Prasant exchanges contact information with customers)

  As of today,the members of Facebook group has reached 700+.Through the promotion of this fair, the number of the people in the group has increased significantly.Most of the customers are interested in our products,so they want to join this group.Compared to before, the quality of customers is guaranteed and more accurate.In addition, the fair can also reflect which products are suitable for the market demand. We can select several hot-selling products and promote them with the Facebook group so that we can achieve good market feedback.

At present, Prasant told me that he is preparing to do a product studio named “Buyerparty Nepal” in the local area. This studio is dedicated to displaying the hot products of Buyerparty.I believe that this studio will soon be complete and let’s wait and see.


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