Opportunity Judgment: The Strategic Choice from Point, Line, Face And Body

Do you want an opportunity to get success? Are you looking for an opportunity to get rich? Opportunity is all around us, can you judge it exactly and grab it timely? In this passage, I will share a strategic choice for opportunity from point, line, face and body.

The difference between the rich and the poor
Why are you not a rich while he is? What is the key difference between you and him? Is it intelligence, beauty or luck? No!!! It’s just the matter of choice, to be exactly, the choice of your business direction.
I will explain it through an example: A pair of twins, with similar appearance and intelligence, big brother worked in Tencent, little brother worked in a newspaper office in 2010, when they graduated from college. Newspaper office seems to be a more comfortable and stable job at that time. While seven years later, the economy has changed dramatically. Big brother became a millionaire and every Internet company wants him, but the little brother is not so fortunate, the newspaper office went bankrupt, and he has to start over.
The key point for the twins is the economy body of their business. One is growing up dramatically, while the other one is collapsing dramatically. That’s exactly what point, line, face and body the passage is talking about.
Actually, we all have experienced this concept. The salary of hard working is far less than the revenue of putting stock in Tencent before 2013 or investing in real estates before 2010.
Why? That’s because no matter how hard you try, you are still a point, the salary for one month or one year is just the accumulation of point.
The revenue of Tencent stock or real estate, however, is a point attached on an economy body that rises rapidly, it is the result of a linear period.
For investors, you must find a growing economy body, then find a field, and invest in its growth circle.
You can see many investors invest in all the industries of a field. Why? Because they bet on a linear period, not just a point.
BRICK is an investment concept put forward by Goldman Sachs. They look for large growing economy body, and then find their place in this body.
So, what’s the difference between ordinary people and rich people?
Ordinary people work hard every day, they care about every current point, while no point can produce great revenue.
If you want to be middle class, you have to get at least one linear period revenue. For example, hold Tencent stock for 10 years, then you need to do nothing, you can turn 100,000 dollars into 10 million dollars.
Then how to be rich people? We should resort to the rise of face and body.
When you choose to invest in a product, you should not only invest your money and resource, but also gather more people to invest their money and resource. That is, you should be responsible for more people.
When you are making decisions, you should pay attention to the point you choose, to see the point is attaching on what kind of line, the line is attaching on what kind of face, and furthermore, the face is attaching on what kind of body.
So, the strategic choice from point, line, face and body is quite important. No matter how hard you try to optimize products and improve efficiency, once you choose the wrong point, line, face or body, everything is nothing.

How to be the rich?
After analyzing the difference between the poor and the rich, do you get the idea about how to be the rich? That is taking the long view and choosing the right economy body.
Then, what’s the right economy body? How to choose it?
We all know that it’s the age of Internet, the Internet connects the whole world, makes it become a small village. We can easily share our work, life and thought with friends from the whole world on many social platforms. Sharing becomes a habit in our life and it will also be a tendency in the future. Business opportunity always arises by customers’ habits, so sharing economy will be the future. That is the Internet will be the right economy body in 20 years.
Facebook is a platform for sharing information and make connections, Instargram is a platform for sharing pictures and short clips. We also need a platform to share business. Then Buyerparty emerges at the right moment. Buyerparty is a platform for sharing business opportunities and link buyers and sellers closely, which is served as a tool for helping buyers and sellers do business and achieve a win-win situation.
Buyerparty is a new stuff which is different from Alibaba. Buyerparty can be regarded as a free presale tools for global designers or manufacturers. Buyerparty is not equivalent to merely selling Chinese products to global market. The ideal state should be like this : There are products from all over the world. Sellers can choose whether only selling their items in their local areas or selling items into global market. For example, sellers from Thailand can utilize Buyerparty this free platform to sell their products to France, Canada, America etc.. Through this kind of transactional trade, sellers can maximize their profits.
Many people may hear of Alibaba, but few peole know Buyerparty. So what is the difference between Alibaba and Buyerparty?
Firstly,target audience is different. Alibaba is a wholesale platform mainly for big importers or wholesalers, but the target audience of Buyerparty is small business owners, convinent store owners, online shop owners and so on.
Secondly, Alibaba requires a high minimum order quantity which prevent small business owners from selling some hot sale items. While with the function of group buying on Buyerparty, even a small retail store owners can buy the latest hot sale products directly from factories in the first time rather than purchasing goods from local importers.
In the near future, with the development of Internet, current supply chain (manufacturer→importer→big wholesaler→small wholesaler→…→shop owner) will be shorten and there will be no more middlemen. With Buyerparty, small business owners can purchase directly from factories which means easier, faster and cheaper.
In a word, Buyerparty is the right economy body that you can trust and invest, and it will bring you with great revenue.
The successful life is to be a point that attached on a face which looks ordinary, while the face is attaching on a body that is growing rapidly. Buyerparty is the body!

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