Market research on cool LED masks

The first research time of this paper is Mar.15, 2018.
LED mask,this shiny, cool mask is perfect for parties, especially popular during Halloween.
1 、Google trends
According to the Google Trend, the interest of this product is rising in recent five years, and to the highest in October, 2017 and January, 2018. The ranking in 25 countries and regions is Singapore, England, America, Australia and Malaysia, etc. The average monthly search volume is 12100.


2 . Function introduction
Light mask, switch control, and voice control.The coolest thing at the party.
Keywords: LED mask/LED rave mask/Sound Reactive LED Mask


3. Product pictures

4. Social medias
There are 17,657 related posts on Instagram. One video has 26787 views at most, and other posts also have hundreds of to thousands of views and likes.

On Facebook, one video has 56,2602 views at most. It’s a light-emitting mask, which is rather cool among the luminous masks.
There are few topics about this product on Quora. One post has 58 views at most. Others are ads for some products and the topic of phototherapy masks.
On Reddit, there’s a lot of topics about this product. One product has 54 messages at most. Many topics still about the Sound Reactive LED Mask.

5. Crowd-funding platforms
A:Kickstarter:There are two crowdfunding products, both successful. The crowdfunding amount of the voice control mask is CA$382,341, and the unit price is CA$35, with 5,629 supporters.

B:Indiegogo:One crowdfunding succeed, still the voice control, the crowdfunding amount is $328868, the achieving rate is 2549%, and the unit price is $30.

C: Taobao crowdfunding: No related products.
D: crowdfunding: No related products.
E: Suning crowdfunding:No related products.
6:B2C platforms
There are roughly two types of products on Amazon. One is the LED mask, the other is the beauty mask. One product has 62 comments at most, and the unit price is between USD10 and USD30.
There are 10 relevant products on Fancy, with 6 likes at most.
There are no relevant product items on Walmart, only the beauty mask
There is no related product on Target.
There are hundreds of products on, with 17 pages. The unit price ranges from RMB10 to RMB60. The price of the best-selling one is RMB58, with 26 buyers.

7.Media Articles
Twitter has a lot of tweets about the product, mainly involve the voice mask and beauty care.

On YouTube, one video has 1680,000 views at most, and other videos also have thousands to tens of thousands of views!

9.Patent issue
The Sound Reactive LED Mask is designed by Patrick Seymour.

It’s designed by Buro Ufho

Others are not found, if there is any omission welcome to point out. For more patent enquiries, please refer to the following websites:
China trademark net:
Us trademark network:
Eu trademark net:
China patent network:
U.S. patent network:
Eu appearance patent net:
European invention patent net:
China copyright:
U.S. copyright net:
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