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Increase 100000 + fans in 4 days, in addition to retrospect, I would like to talk about their research on user fission growth “growth depends on persistence. “

After more than a year of growth, I summed up the methodology of growth as follows: stick to it!
This is very useful. Please read the full text carefully.

A year and a few months of WeChat community fission practices have allowed me to survive from the earliest bonus period to the present.

As early as a year ago, YouShu did the same thing in less than a year, with 7 million fans and books at the top of the list, with little volatility and an effective growth pattern that changed the whole business model of YouShu.
In March, 2017, I heard about Lei Wentao’s share of the YouShu’s growth of 7 million fans within a year, a serial entrepreneur who worked wonders because of a growth model.

The foundation for good community fission must be a sound community operating system and a growing funnel vs the horn effect, Lei said.

I agree.

When each wave of dividends comes, you’ll see a new set of ideas, whether you understand it or not, about the community, social dividend, live broadcast, sharing, block chain, and so on.

As a person closest to the user community, a user-growing practitioner, I don’t understand, I don’t do what I don’t know, I understand the WeChat community fission, and then I keep doing it for more than a year, and I get a lot of it

In the early days newly increased 1000 + group fission is everywhere, still continue to do very few, in fact, these eliminated people are not his ability, the specific reasons I will share below.

At the beginning of 2017, a friend of mine went to Changsha to start a business. There were only four people who started an Internet technology company, and what they did was a social fission model like YouShu.

In a difficult situation, no circle synchronization information, all rely on practice, hundreds of times, thousands of times.

I went to Changsha with my boss for a visit in November, 2017. Do you know what I saw?

Originally, the company with four people became a two-storey office, nearly 100 people, 50 + people in the social fission department, 30 + people in content production, actually turned WeChat community fission into pipeline’s work, with hundreds of thousands of dollars a month’s salary.

They’ve gotten around 10 million fans in less than a year, probably not as famous as YouShu, and the growth in traffic numbers has allowed them to make a lot of money by selling numbers, picking up ads and distributing novels.

In August and September of 2017, formal companies also began this kind of wild growth behavior, in the face of effective growth, there is no Internet company not kneel down to father.

Many people say that the reason for the dividend is that it is so difficult to find out that any reusable growth pattern is regular. It’s just that the amount of energy and time we spend trying to figure out this pattern changes with the way we grow. In early September someone advised me not to do this, this way is not as effective as before, can not play.

On the first day of February, 2018, I planned a new WeChat fission growth campaign, which grew in more than 40000 fans one day and 4 days to more than 10 thousand , and I will review the event later.

I’ve been preparing for this event for some time. The theme was English. I looked for more than 20 cases of English growth. The successful ones were peppermint reading, tomato English and YouShu English. I have done the dismantling one by one, the common in the dismantling is that many people learn English inert, not good at learning things when there is inertia.

I wrote a complete English growth plan on graphite, making posters, writing words, evaluating processes, doing risk control, and so on. What I fear most every time is not the fission of the activity, but the safety factor of the growth system (such as seal, powder, domain name, etc.)

So I made a user diversion, the entire system, I started the account, registration account, class account divided into three Official account, the middle of the fission of users is in WeChat group, Avoid most of Official account’s own WeChat needs frequent active response to the place.

Following is the fission review of 100000 fans in the last 4 days, please read the following carefully.

The plan of the Feb 1 plan is this: the average reading of the startup account is between 30, 000 and 50, 000, and the start-up may be very large. For risk control and multi-account growth and backflow, I have set up the following links in the activity theme section respectively

1. The account number that starts is Subscription account A, the form of the text copy does push, the text copy has a poster directly, can scan code directly to start signing up to Subscription account B. (many tests have shown that copywriting works much better than pushing posters directly.)

2. Registration account B will be set up to pay attention to the automatic reply, words during the operation, “click the blue word, sign up immediately” is into the group entrance, made a hyperlink, the user experience will be better.
Welcome to the nanny.
Join immediately [100 days to watch movies to learn English], every day 3 minutes of English movies, take you to learn to watch movies learn English skills and methods!!!

Click on the blue word and sign up immediately
Click on the blue word and sign up immediately
Click on the blue word and sign up immediately

Fragmentation era, to help you the most efficient English learning essence of 100 days, fun learning, wake up your desire to learn English.
3. The class account number is Service account, the group in the class with the word technology + class card form to announce + group to push, the class card scan code is with parameters two-dimensional code (do not understand can Baidu search, sweep code attention will directly push the first day of the course content. (the main reason is that you can get the class after you have signed up, remove the user’s doubts, or do it for the user experience.)

4. Card account is a plan control (Mini Programs, in the first day of user content, there will be a 100-day rule, must punch, sharing cards to show off card punching success, the formation of secondary fission and closed-loop backflow.

In the theme section, I summarize a few key words: user experience, risk control, closed loop, backflow, secondary fission

If you don’t have any of these keywords, your activity won’t say you can get explosive fission quickly. Please review these keywords and the details.

The fission details are mainly reflected in the tools and WeChat group.

1.The change of the group owner’s nickname: the main reason is to remind the users in the group more clearly. The owner is usually a robot, and the robot needs to reply frequently in the group, so the nickname is equivalent to a high frequency advertisement bit. We generally set it up to (pay attention to distinguishing advertisements within the group) because as long as fission activities are done well, there will be a specialized trouble-making agency that will come and cut off the flow.

2. Code scanning fixed number settings: this is mainly reflected in the live code (Baidu search), the number of fixed is 100, the number of people entering the group is about 75 to 90, because a WeChat group QR code, scanning code into the group only 100 places, More than 100 people need to pull manually. So you set the number of scans to 100, which means that the live code backstage automatically switches the next new group of QR codes at a maximum of 100 times. A lot of people forget to set it up, which can cause a lot of traffic loss.

Wechat ID: this is usually reflected in the first page where the user has finished scanning the code. At the bottom, you should add question feedback Wechat ID. The first impression of the user entering the group will remember that there are people who can be consulted in the front. If there is a problem with the QR code and the tool has a problem, the user can find someone to ask. (although problems are generally rare)

As for the design of fission, I dare not say how good my own writing is, but it can be used in fission.

1. Pay attention to Subscription account’s automatic reply.

2. Register Subscription account slogen:
Devil Milk Dad No. 1, [100 days watching movies to learn English] is under way. Pay attention to [Daddy] sign up for 100 days of community card learning, tens of thousands of English lovers grow together!!!
3. Robot response:

Welcome to the [Daddy] learning group!
We will update the course every day. If you want to stay in the group for free study, you must complete the following tasks:

(1) share the “picture” + “text” to Moments, screenshots can not screen friends, showing the time to share Moments.
(2) screenshots sent to the owner of the group @
The screenshot is a successful registration, you can stay in the group to obtain free learning qualifications.
Join the group ≠ successful registration
Join the group ≠ successful registration
Join the group within 1 hour the system did not detect that the students will kick out of the group chat!
Share “Picture” + “text” as follows
↓↓↓I have joined the [Daddy] Learning Group, 10 minutes per day English film + explanation form, to help you learn the most efficient English skills and methods for 100 days, fun learning, tens of thousands of English lovers grow together, Wake up your desire to learn English.
Click on the following image, long by identifying the QR code, join your learning group, and get all the course content!
4. Receiving user screenshots:
Thank you for sharing. We have received your screenshots. Before class, our study committee will uniformly review the screenshots of everyone. The eligibility criteria (showing the sharing time, not blocking friends’ screenshots) will pass the examination as long as we apply according to the group requirements. Please wait patiently in the group.
5. Intra-group removal of advertising words:
Advertising has been kicked out of the group, once the advertising is invited out of the group. Firmly resist advertising, canvassing, red envelopes, false links, pornography, rumors and discussion politics. (once violated is permanently invited to chat)

6. Group mandarin:
This group is full, the entrance to the group is closed! !
After sharing, remember to send Moments screenshots to the group to be considered successful registration! Each person has only one chance to sign up within one hour, the group owner will review the forwarding, and will not apply for successful people out of the group chat, and then issued a course card, please cherish the eligibility to sign up!!!

7. Group announcement issued after one hour:
Dad MM29 class
Important reminder
Important reminder
Important reminder
Say something important three times.
Click below [get the card], long press the identification map QR code, you can successfully subscribe to the daily English film + explained course push!
Successfully pick up the course and reply 1 in the group
8. Inside the course to guide Mini Programs’s card typing skills:
1, as long as the continuous card sharing days more than 100 days of students, you can get autographed “use your English” !!!
2. At the end of the course, students who share more than 100 days of continuous punch cards are invited to join a formal English learning group for a period of one year, all of which are led by the daddy himself. The group will not regularly share the latest English learning methodology, workplace experience, entrepreneurial experience.
9. Mini Programs completed card sharing:

After careful study, we should punch cards at the end of each article, we must pay attention to the cards, cards will appear after the cards, we must send the cards to Moments every day, so that we can count the success of the cards.

I do not do too much marketing dismantling for the above words , the basic marketing can understand a look, still summed up a few key words.

Keywords: user sense of urgency, exceeding expectations, refinement, rigor

There are about four posters.

1. The poster for the push copy is the same poster as the poster forwarded by the users.
2. Poster of course guide, Service account with reference QR code
3. Mini Programs poster
4. Mini Programs punching and showing off posters
The above posters are not one pass, there are multiple versions of the iteration, this is the final version.
The poster I want to share with you is copywriting, visual experience I am very dishes, generally I feel good while others thinks it’s very bad, so this is a test of a designer’s level of appreciation and color matching level.

Taking the left 1 poster copy as an example, I wrote the text on the poster.

How long have you not studied English well? (a golden sentence poking the pain point into a state of anxiety)
100-day training camp punch learning (more content, punch insist, I can, I can, solve the impulsive player’s problem)
Group anti-inertia (solving pain points, fighting inertia, face, more people have to stick to the scalp)
Every day 15 minutes of detailed teaching father (less time a day, fragmentation time is enough, do not delay you to do anything else)
Teach you fun to learn English (it’s fun to learn, fuck, sign up)
It is purely personal opinion. Almost every sentence of a full-page poster has marketing attributes, so the incentive is strong (telling you what the problem is + what you can do with it and how to solve it).

Next, I would like to talk about the core factor that can grow rapidly. Plan control program, a product specifically aimed at fission grinding. At first, I shared the play of Mini Programs in the community of research on fission growth of my users. Small partners are shocked, my God, there is this operation, to tell the truth, compared with the previous H5 to do closed-loop backflow, I am more optimistic about Mini Programs.

Mini Programs user experience is good, page flow, risk coefficient low strengths and weaknesses are completely covered, when the plan is implanted card is to allow Mini Programs to continue to do backflow.

Left 1 is the main interface of 100day English card typing. The number of participants is 27623. The start time is February 1, which is the same as the start time of the first day activity. Click on the card to enter the interface of the middle picture, and you can see that there is a management button on the front button. The function behind this management is the core of our second fission and backflow with WeChat.

The admin page can set up a show off card QR code. If you want to do a second fission to Official account, you can replace the poster QR code with Official account QR code. If you want to return to WeChat, you can change the QR code into the WeChat group’s live code. New users scan the group to start a new cycle of fission. The QR code can form a closed loop and a secondary fission of any code.

The link into the group is in the above picture, the official learning group shows, click enter will enter Mini Programs customer service message, push you into the group link, the same return to the group, the main reason for the group to set up multiple entrances is because, Mini Programs homepage itself is also traffic, if these users are also interested in this punch will flow from Mini Programs to the group. (the current realization of Mini Programs’s problem is well solved by this method.)


This is a review of 10000 + fan growth in 4 days, so let me add some core regularity. You may have known early on that WeChat fission, and so long had it spawned all kinds of playing methods, and I would have done a good and bad analysis of them, and I think it would have been a missionary to study growth or to learn about growth.

1. Process: poster Quadrature Code focus Official account-automatic reply to the group link—forward the poster to pay attention to Official account-the new user pays attention to Official account sign up-cycle

Disadvantage: flow loss, when the user scan code to see is need to pay attention to Official account, some of the weaker users will give up attention, this part of the user is about 5%. Circulation to Moments’s poster is the same, fission rate will be very low.

Advantage: high attention rate.

2. Process: the poster QR code is the poster of the group live code, the progressive group, the forward group, the new user sweeping the code into the group-circulating-sending Official account to the group to let the user get the lesson-stop the traffic

Disadvantage: send Official account to the group to give the user a lesson, the user’s attention rate is 40, 100 people will be 40 people will pay attention to Official account, the proportion of attention Official account is relatively low.

Advantage: the fission rate is high in 1- 1.2, the fission rate is high and the fission duration is long.

PS: how to calculate fission rate: new group user / general user = fission rate

The way to calculate fission rates is to use a poster, the live code on the poster, the domain name to promote the domain name, calculate the number of visits to the promotional domain name, or directly count the number of members of the line.

Users in the group forwarded the poster live code, the domain name is the fission domain name, calculate the number of fission domain visits or directly count the number of fission groups into the group.

3. Process: poster QR code is progressive-scan code-group-forwarding is the task treasure QR code (poster same-new user scan code-to Service account for infinite index fission– menu bar multiple related tasks– one user. You can participate in multiple tasks.

Advantage: a high fission rate of activity in this way will bring explosive growth to the matrix account, each user may participate in multiple activities, a user to pay attention to the number of 10 equal to the increase of 10 powder.

Disadvantage: is not suitable for the small amount of startup play, group fission can not, low safety factor.

No matter which process, do fission growth is to adapt to the situation, I do not recommend a good process you have been using this process, the only way to learn the growth of the only way to enable you to grow quickly.


Conclusion: as a young man who has become a growing user, I have shared with you the experience of hundreds of practical themes. I have only one purpose, whether Official account or Official account, The personal app has been tested by countless growth techniques to find out how effective it is. Many product managers in growth hackers will specialize in a growth model called the AARRR conversion funnel model.

[getting users-motivating activity-increasing retention-increasing revenue-dissemination recommendations] I also apply this model to the fission of the WeChat community, which is probably the way I’ve been working on it. Hopefully you’ll spend enough time searching for data to study this growth theory.
In order not to meet you with a daily increase of 10 people per day and a daily increase of 100 people how to increase 10000 followers a day, I decided to let my community out, the user fission growth community was established for 56 days, and there were 216 paying subscribers, without any distribution. Small friends in the group often recommend their friends to study in the group.

Advantage: the group is used to communicate and interact, the knowledge planet is used to precipitate the group to chat about the dry goods content (entering the planet is equal to entering the group, the planet has the group entrance), the big guy is many, the goal is consistent, the activity degree is high, do the growth.

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