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How Can We Grab The Bonus Of Douyin App?

Editor’s note:
Last year’s annual meetings of major companies were full of long-legged little sisters dancing C miles. During the Spring Festival, the “camera and video” category was ranked first in App Store. In the calming of China’s Internet sector, Douyin has become a well-deserved black horse in 2017, messing up a pool of spring water for the big boys.

The rise of each platform will bring a wave of dividends, Taobao, Weibo, WeChat have created an incalculable multimillionaires. In the existing platform towards ossification, the outbreak of the sound, has become a new media people must not miss a new opportunity. According to the new list of internal news, shaking sound has begun to launch the platform on the commercialization of fashion people.

In less than a week, three Douyin videos contributed 100000 + new users to a App for 58 days, with 1 million fans; now that there are more than 3 million fans on four accounts, how do they do it? Following is the behind-the-scenes story shared by the team’s founders, whose experiences and thoughts are worth referring to as the social network rages around today. The new list is hereby recommended.

I did App promotion for 4 years and new media for 2 years. In 2018, I finally had the courage to open a Official account of my own, record and sum up the experience and thinking in the work together with the team, and urge myself to systematize the study review again. Make progress with everyone. At the end of 2017, we tried the operation of Douyin on the basis of short video. We accumulated some fans and had some thoughts. Here is the story of decking duck about the operation of Douyin.

I lay in bed on Christmas Eve in 2017, and it was hard to stop when I turned on it, like so many people did, when a video of a user whose end number was 2003 (not to mention a specific name) was suddenly brushed out by me. This person is not an Internet celebrity. She’s just a normal girl who doesn’t even have her signature set. She has 12 works, 10 of which are recorded and uploaded to a App after she learned a App skill. She wants to share her skills, because the average user’s video lasts 15 seconds, 15 seconds is hard to explain one thing, she used 10 videos. The cumulative amount of likes is about 300000, and the amount of playback should be more than 8 million.

Before this matter, I didn’t care much about the amount of praise and play on the shaking sound, just like the amount of reading on Weibo, I always felt that there was water. But the intuition that I used to do App made me go to App Store to see the ranking of this App, shocked.

She posted this video on December 21, that is, the curve suddenly broke through the 100 fast growth, this video into the new conversion rate I have not done so long App promotion I have never seen, can be described in shock.

I immediately got up and told the backbone of the decked duck that we immediately had to put the manpower into operation on the sound as soon as possible. The App’s overall ranking had begun to fall at Christmas time, showing a short video on the platform’s life cycle for almost a week.

The story is not over. On December 25, the decked duck formed a twitching assault team to create three videos uploaded on Douyin, which mimic the previous video, which also says the App. We miraculously got 5 million + playback, and look at the App curve on December 26. Yes, it’s up again.

Three small videos directly contributed 100000 + new users in less than a week. It brought a lot of confidence to the team and more thought to me.

1. The view amount of Douyin is real and the amount is really big. What should we do?

2. For the operators, especially the content producers of the new media, it means the opportunity, the lying duck already has nearly 4 million fans in WeChat, we also need to break through again.

3, For companies doing App, hardware and other products, short video means a less expensive and relatively controllable way to promote the brand.

Then we made a few decisions:

1. Pay attention to the original production of short video, invest at least 5 people.

2. The whole staff learn to use Douyin, participate in the shooting and operation of it, so that the content production colleagues understand the young content and platform more.

3. We should get 1 million fans as soon as possible.

Two months later, our condition is:

1. We did 4 accounts, 2 got 1 million fans, the other two were about 500000.

2, The whole play quantity is more than 400 million, brought good exposure effect to the brand of lying duck.

3, It’s easy to complete the shooting and operation of Douyin and video, and even our editor Qing Qing got 1 million fans.

Some people must think that such a large amount of playback can transform users? I think the following diagram should be very illustrative.

We can also get 1 million + by putting the same video on the Kuaishou APP.

When did Douyin be popular? Let’s look at the change in the search index for the word “Douyin”.

Douyin was launched in September 2016. It appears in the public in around March 2017. It began to be popular in December, 2017.

Here are a few examples of a product that is hot on Douyin:

Case 1 Little Love students

Xiao Ai is an intelligent hardware, in the transmission of typical Xiaomi smart speakers, that is, Xiao Ai students, often plays Douyin, will definitely see the user molesting Xiao Ai.

Xiaomi must be sneaking a smile, sales are sure to explode, there are a large number of users on the shaking sound like molesting Siri, this is the artificial intelligence to everyone’s experience.

Case 2, movie “Ex 3”

In December 2017, the release of Ex 3, I don’t know the official figures, but his attention, exposure and box office (2 billion) have been very good. What’s interesting is the score of the film.

I made a personal subjective judgment without a basis-the music video and the quiver were the key to the success of the movie.

The first song, “decent.”

The second song, “say go away, go away.”

The hits of the two songs come from short videos of original music with quivering sounds, a large number of users using the two songs to create videos and scenes of their predecessors crying at the cinema. Interested people can go to Douyin to search: decency, say scattered, ex 3 experience. Those who often watch the Douyin must have felt something. A common challenge involving tens of thousands of people.

The following is just one of the millions and original videos that should be playing 3 million + and hundreds of thousands of short videos related to the previous three? You can imagine how much exposure the entire platform brought to the Ex 3.

Case 3 is a song “Guangdong Love Story”

The writer is the rain god in Guangdong. You may not have heard this singer, but this song should have been heard.

You will understand if you go to Douyin to search: Guangdong love story challenge. This is a singer and a song that get hot on Douyin.
Case 4 Mobile phone practical skills

The case was made by the lying duck itself, and a mobile phone usage technique was released on January 5.

Look at the baidu index of the keyword, this video broadcast volume exceeded 10 million.

All of the above show a problem, the flow of short video platform with Douyin as the core is huge and has the value of deep operation, whether it is for new media, App, smart hardware, company brand, etc. As long as the content is cool enough to be creative, you have a chance to get a lot of traffic and exposure.

As a result, how can lying duck quickly get 1 million fans and 400 million views?

First of all, the brand reputation of lying duck is not very high in China, and a large number of people do not know about lying duck. So we do this at a disadvantage and some brands that already have a high profile can get hundreds of thousands of dollars of attention in a single video.

1, the speed from decision to execute is fast enough, on December 24 to make the decision to do Douyin, the next day to form a team, on December 25 video 3 original online, on Dec.26 got 3 million views.

2. Make concerted efforts. Fully communicate with everyone the importance of opportunity and value, from the goal of everyone to form a consistent understanding.

3. Good execution ability, although we have no experience, we have not stopped the original update since December 25. During the Spring Festival, we are all updating the video.

4, Seize the dividend period, Douyin is still in the stage of barbaric growth. We has prepared in advance in the video production, the video itself has a team.

5. Everyone who keeps learning and doing video is a Douyin user who can find hot spots and combine their own content to create ideas.

6, IP image lets the user refreshing, a sprouting duckling can teach us a lot of playing machine skills, we do open box to do evaluation, tamping intelligent hardware.

For 58 days, with fans ranging from 0 to 1 million, what can you call operational experience?

1. Timely optimization and adjustment of content orientation

In less than 2 months, the content direction has gone through three stages. In order to enrich the content and maintain the speed of increasing powder, the second stage is quickly entered, the fans go from 300000 to 600000, and 16 days or so in order to enrich the content and maintain the speed of increasing powder, the content is only perpendicular to the mobile phone for 15 days or so from 0 to 300000. The content was reoriented to mobile skills and hot topics, and later came up with ways to make the video more creative and professional, and by day 58, Superplan had achieved 1 million of its fan goals.

2. Flexible selection mechanism

We have a vibratory operating group, and when we swipe the sound, we find that the better ideas are immediately forwarded to the group to discuss how we can combine. Such as how to save electricity, how to take photos, smart hardware unpacking. Brush your eyes blind, don’t sleep until the wee hours, study quickly, follow hot spots, shake the hot stuff for a while, and we’ll associate the hot spot with the technique, and then do something that fits the orientation of the lying duck. For example, “Guangdong Ten years Love Story”, we will make a video playing with a band library.

3. A stable updating mechanism:

Since the first video was made on December 25, it has never stopped updating, including the Spring Festival holiday, and will synchronize the content to short video platforms such as the United States, the quick hand, and so on. The best time to upload the video is between 6 pm and 8 pm. But it’s better to have a half-hour interval between each video. From the first 7 to 10 a day to the next 5 or so, the small partners of the shaking operation group can afford to toss can not be left behind, can also lose weight.

4. Be enthusiastic about fans who have already paid attention to

Fans will keep asking questions in messages and letters (reliance and trust, we arrange for colleagues to reply in a timely manner. Fans are encouraged to ask us questions about comments and letters. Fans try to respond to their comments and letters as much as possible, and get new topics in their comments, such as how mobile phones record screen calls. Then we will quickly produce videos to satisfy fans and make them dependent on us.

Find some good-looking little sisters and milky dogs to be photographed

The quality of video shoot is very important to the real person, Douyin, including some techniques of moving mirror, mobile phone skill and life skill related to the ordinary real person, share with the user angle, try not to preach; entertainment easy content, the form is changeable. Soundtrack is also important in comparison with the content itself.

We still have a lot of shortcomings, such as the professionalism of video, creativity and networking, but these two months have given the team more thought about how new media play. We think there’s more room for imagination in 2018, and you’ve got a rapid increase in your operating capacity and content productivity.

My thinking, short video operation for Internet products what opportunities and value?

1, App

The distribution channels of the promotion of App in 2012 and 2013 can also be through the first, channel optimization, do activities and other methods to do some of the flow and opponents to draw back the gap. As long as the input of human resources to do research on the channel to make a breakthrough in the product experience on the basis of good access to the user is relatively easy. Just as in the PC era webmasters can use SEO technology to handle traffic without spending money. Now the flow of distribution channels is more concentrated, mainly in the hands of BAT and manufacturers, Huawei, OV, Xiaomi. And the channel commercialization ability mature and more and more, through the distribution channel to obtain the new user is more difficult. And I’m taking you through short videos, or even new media, to get a new opportunity, maybe in 2018, I’m taking you to the company to do this. Hope to get more experience and cases to share.

2. Intelligent hardware

Xiaoai classmate is a very good representative, intelligent hardware experience and creativity for users are very novel, in line with the cool characteristics of quivering, young people are also willing to explore new products. Smart cars, smart medicine, smart government services, smart robots, VR these cool cool techs products combined with creativity to do short videos to spread I think it is worth a try.

3. New media

Video itself is one of the new media content, and many of the head of the new media size has made video very professional, in addition to some professional MCN organizations, many new media teams can do video for the purpose of product publicity and new users. There are some new media brands with IP attributes, such as animation images, which have become large on the sound, such as a Zen monk.

Finally, can you make money through Douyin?

Our answer is, yes, not much for the time being, but I’m sure the platform will give good returns to good content producers. And in March, today’s headlines have combined volcanoes, shakes and headlines, and you have 1 million users on it, which means you have 1 million users on both today’s headlines and on the volcano, and maybe even later. Collect watermelon video, Wukong Q & A and other flow. There’s more room for imagination.

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