A market research on Amabrush

This toothbrush is fully automatic, just press the button, it can complete the teeth cleaning in 10 seconds, a real lazy toothbrush. Once the product is launched on kickstarter, it raised €3198516, which is equivalent of RMB 24.94 million. According to Google trend, the interest soared to the highest in July, 2017 and February, 2018. The ranking in 46 countries and regions is Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech republic and Netherlands, etc. So far there is no average monthly search volume.
1 、Google trends

2 . Function introduction
Automatically clean your teeth, just press the button, and it will brush your teeth in 10 seconds.
Keywords: lazy toothbrush, automatic toothbrush/Amabrush
3. Product pictures

4.Social media
On Instagram, there are only 200 related posts. One video has 12409 views at most, and other posts have hundreds of to thousands of likes and views.

On Facebook, one page gets 8439 likes at most and one video has 291000 views at most.

There’s a question on quora about the product: does it really work?There are 68 views, others are ads for some products.

On reddit, the discussions of this product are mainly about product advertising, with only a few comments.

5.Crowd-funding platforms
A:Kickstarter:There is one successful crowdfunding product. The target amount of the crowdfunding is €50,000, and the actual amount is €3,198,516, which is equivalent to RMB 24.94 million, with 26,832 supporters.The price is €69-999/1-5 sets, different accessories and different prices.

B:Indiegogo:There are 2 crowdfunding projects, and one succeed, the crowdfunding amount is €4,630,252, which is equivalent to RMB 36.11 million, with 11080 backers, and the price is €89-119/1-2 sets, and the price of accessories is different.

C: Taobao crowd-funding:There is one successful crowd-funding project. The target amount of is RMB200000 and the actual amount is RMB1144427, with 8,983 backers.The unit price of crowdfunding is RMB299/ 1set, RMB329/1 set, RMB499/2 sets and RMB28,000 /100 sets.

D: JD.com crowdfunding: There are 2 ongoing crowdfunding products.1 crowdfunding project has reached 261% of the target amount. Currently, the crowdfunding amount is RMB261074, with 1769 backers, the unit price is RMB196/1 set, RMB199/1 set, RMB395/2 sets, RMB1970/10 sets.

E: Suning crowdfunding: There is 1 successful crowdfunding product, which achieved RMB1019330, with 3835 backers, the unit price is RMB216/1 set, RMB246/1 set, RMB458/2 sets, RMB658/3 sets and RMB990/5 sets.

6:B2C platforms
There are 41 products on Amazon, and the unit price ranges from USD45 to USD168. One product gets 10 comments at most.

There are 1 related product on fancy, with 6 likes.

There are no product items on Walmart, but there are two ads.

There is no product entry at target, but there is an AD.

The product on Taobao.com is quite a lot.The unit price ranges from RMB288to RMB368, the price of the best-selling one is RMB368, with 366 buyers.

7.Media Articles
There are a lot of tweets about this product on Twitter, but are not very popular. On the page of amabrush, there are 168 followers and 6 likes.


There are more than 2,000 videos on YouTube about this product, and one video gets 660000 views. Other videos also have thousands of to tens of thousands of views!

9.Patent issue
Amabrush was developed by the Austrian design team, and the trademark has been registered in the European trademark office.

Others are not found, if there is any omission welcome to point out. For more patent enquiries, please refer to the following websites:
China trademark net:
Us trademark network:
Eu trademark net:
China patent network:
U.S. patent network:
Eu appearance patent net:
European invention patent net:
China copyright:
U.S. copyright net:

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