What is Buyerparty?

 Buyerparty is a new stuff which is different from Alibaba. Buyerparty can be regarded as a free presale tools for global designers or manufacturers. Buyerparty is not equivalent to merely selling Chinese products to global market. The ideal state should be like this : There are products from all over the world. Sellers can choose whether only selling their items in their local areas or selling items into global market. For example, sellers from Thailand can utilize Buyerparty this free platform to sell their products to France, Canada, America etc.. Through this kind of transactional trade, sellers can maximize their profits.
Buyerparty is serve as a tool for helping buyers and sellers do business and achieve a win-win situation. Jsut as facebook is a platform for sharing information and make connections, Instargram is a platform for sharing pictures and short clips, Buyerparty is a platform for sharing business opportunities and link buyers and sellers closely.
Many people may hear of Alibaba, but few peole know Buyerparty. So what is the difference between Alibaba and Buyerparty?
Firstly,target audience is different. Alibaba is a wholesale platform mainly for big importers or wholesalers, but the target audience of Buyerparty is small business owners, convinent store owners, online shop owners and so on.
Secondly, Alibaba requires a high minimum order quantity which prevent small business owners from selling some hot sale items. While with the function of group buying in Buyerparty, even a small retail store owners can buy the latest hot sale products directly from factories in the first time rather than purchasing goods from local importers.
In the near future, with the development of Internet, current supply chain (manufacturer→importer→big wholesaler→small wholesaler→…→shop owner) will be shorten and there will be no more middlemaen. With Buyerparty, small business owners can purchase directly from factories which means easier, faster and cheaper.
Buyerparty, empower small business !

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