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The avocado has great taste with its ugly surface which make it popular around the world so as its related products. In 2016, there came out a fresh keeping box- Guac-Lock for Avocade which turn-over reached millions dollar in 2017. During its popularity around the world, now here comes the Avocuddle. Does it have possibility to be hot in 2018?So We made a market research on this.
1 、Google trends
Before studing on Avocuddle ,Let’s take a look at the Google trend of avocados. In the last five years, it rose with fluctuations. There are 47 countries are interested in it with an average monthly search of 1000000.

Based on the popularity of avocados, it is not certain that avocado elements will be popular, but it is worth to pay attention .Let’s take a look at the recently popular Google trend of the half-cut avocado.Start from 2014, this element has the heat search .The search heat is higher every year, the whole is fluctuating, the spring search heat is higher.The search for hot countries ranked 10 countries and regions, including the UK, Australia, Ireland, the Netherlands and Canada.The search heat is currently displayed at 2400.

In addition, we look at the relevant keyword search, there are two, one is lets avocuddle, another is avocuddle plush (cutting each avocado toys).

Let’s look at the lets avocuddle, a new avocado theme bed for George, a British chain retailer.It contains an interesting and lovely double-sided avocado pattern quilt cover, , and a pillowcase with the words “let’s avocuddle”.It is worth mentioning that George has introduced the bedding of the unicorn theme, and unicorns are super popular in 2017.So in 2018, will avocado themes be a hot element?I can’t say, but I think it’s still possible.

2 .Function introduction
Lovely, warm,cuteness
Keywords: avocuddle/let’s avocuddle
3.Product pictures

4.This product global mainstream from media heat research
On the INS, there were 11,562 and 3,372 related posts, while video watched more than 48600 times.
Other posts, thumb up and viewing, range from a few hundred to a few thousand.

On Facebook, there were 25,816 video plays. Most of the other plays are on the order of magnitude of several hundred to a few, and video is mostly launched in the second half of 2017.
There is no relevant about this avocuddle element on Quora.
On reddit, this element has little topic about it, there are product ads and only one message.

5. Crowdfunding and unit price research of similar products in the crowdfunding market
A:Kickstarter:No related products

B: Indiegogo: No related products
C: Taobao crowd-funding: No related products
D: Jingdong crowd-funding: No related products
E: Suning crowd-funding: No related products
6.This product is in the mainstream retail e-commerce platform retail price and the sales volume of each platform
On amazon, there are 9 t-shirts, pillows, pajamas and socks. There are only single digits of the product.

There are 10 related products on fancy, among which 303 are the most popular.
There are six related products on walmart,It’s also t-shirts and pajamas and cups that use this element, no evaluation.
There is a sock with this element.
No relevant products have been found on taobao.
7.On blogs such as twitter and blogs, foreign opinion leaders comment on and predict products
Twitter’s tweets about the element are mostly about emoticons, as well as tweets that are used in clothing accessories.The number of thumb up is 68.

There are only 26 YouTube videos of this element, with the most video playing 21,000 times and the other video playing only a few hundred times!

9.patent issue
A trademark was found in the European trademark office and applied on November 6, 2017.

Others are not found, if there is any omission welcome to point out. For more patent enquiries, please refer to the following websites:
China trademark net:
Us trademark network:
Eu trademark net:
China patent network:
U.S. patent network:
Eu appearance patent net:
European invention patent net:
China copyright net:
U.S. copyright net:

We take great care in analyzing global trends for each product type, collecting ongoing information for each product line both online and offline, in order to provide numerous reference points to professional buyers and sellers globally.

The source of these analyses are from Google Trends analyses, analyses of global mainstream media platforms popularity, main e-commerce provider platforms wholesale and retail price analyses, analyses of the latest market price of similar products on crowd funding as well as their popularity, offline wholesale market price and popularity analyses, as well as gathering together the views of professional evaluation agencies and overseas reviewers.

All the above-mentioned global information and data is scattered around at a global level both online and offline. We take the time and effort to collect and integrate this information into a report. With your busy work schedules, you only need to spend two to three minutes per day to read our “Latest Market Analysis” and then can easily understand the development of the products and the market dynamics.We will continuously make the report to provide reference on each product. Please scan the below OR codes and Like our Wechat and Facebook Page.


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