How will the hot cake–smart plug be in the market?

International tech giants are stepping into the smart home realm.Smart home is the future home development direction. With “light intelligent” products as the main smart home, smart plug is undoubtedly the best representative.So we did market research on smart plugs!
1 、Google trends analysis
Smart plug ,we search in multiple languages, English (blue), Spanish (red) and Japanese (yellow), the trend is shown below, there is a small peak in winter 2016. It started to surge in October 2017 and fell slightly in December. The ranking in 43 countries or regions is Philippines, the UK, Sweden, Singapore, the USA, etc. The average monthly search volume is 14,800.

2 .Function introduction
The main function of smart socket is the time switch, remote control, electricity statistics, high temperature flame retardant, Wifi enhancement, etc.
Key words: smart plug
3. Product pictures

4. Social media
There are 1227 related posts about the smart plug on Instagram. One video gets 282 views, 2 Comments at most, and other posts also have dozens of likes and views.

On Facebook, one video about smart plug gets 290795 views at most, and other videos have thousands of to tens of thousands of views.
Most of the questions about smart plug on Quora are the tests of smart plug or brand recommendation, etc. One post gets 1100 views at most.
On Reddit, there are plenty of topics about smart plugs, such as product recommendations, product advertising and how to apply the product, etc. One post gets 1107 comments at most.

5.Crowd-funding platforms
A:Kickstarter:There are 3 crowd-funding projects, but all failed.

B:Indiegogo: There is one successful crowd-funding product. The actual crowd-funding amount is USD165736, with 3,689 supporters, and the crowd-funding price is USD40 /each.

C: Taobao crowd-funding: There are 13 successful crowd-funding projects. Among them, the highest crowd-funding amount is RMB826031, with 10,956 supporters, and the unit price RMB559 / 1, RMB65/1, RMB69/2, RMB5103/2, RMB518/3, RMB34800/600.

D: crowd-funding: There are 18 successful crowd-funding projects, and the actual crowd-funding amount is RMB1152152, with 3,698 supporters. The unit price is RMB49 per unit, RMB69 per unit, RMB199/3, RMB3199/50 and RMB18888/300.

E: Suning crowd-funding: There is one successful crowd-funding product. The actual crowd-funding amount is RMB100701, with 6,999 supporters, and the unit price is RMB39 , RMB49 and RMB59 .

6. B2C platforms
There are more than 3,000 product items about smart plugs on Amazon. One product gets 13163 comments at most, and other products also have dozens of to hundreds of comments. The price ranges from USD 20 to USD 40.
There are 14 products about smart plugs on Fancy, and one product gets 2600 likes at most.
There are more than 2,000 related products on Walmart, and the price ranges from USD20 to USD40. At present, one product gets 135 comments at most, and many other products also have several to dozens of comments.
There are target 9 related products on Target, and the price ranges from USD 13 to USD 40. One product gets 47 comments at most.
There are many related products on, and the price ranges from RMB20 to RMB150. The price of the best-selling one is RMB19.9, with 21,845 purchasers.

7.Media Articles
There are a lot of tweets about smart plugs on Twitter. One latest tweet about smart plug advertise gets 220 likes, 560 shares, 3121 views, and 192 comments at most.

8. YouTube
There are a lot of videos about smart plugs on YouTube. One video gets 95000 views at most, and a video which was released six months ago gets 81000 views, and many other videos also have thousands of to tens of thousands of views.

9.patent issues
Brands and manufacturers are launching smart plugs in succession, if you want to check specific patent issues, please refer to the following website:
China trademark network:
Us trademark network:
Eu trademark net:
China patent network:
U.S. patent network:
Eu appearance patent net:
European invention patent net:
China copyright net:
U.S. copyright net:

We take great care in analyzing global trends for each product type, collecting ongoing information for each product line both online and offline, in order to provide numerous reference points to professional buyers and sellers globally.

The source of these analyses are from Google Trends analyses, analyses of global mainstream media platforms popularity, main e-commerce provider platforms wholesale and retail price analyses, analyses of the latest market price of similar products on crowd funding as well as their popularity, offline wholesale market price and popularity analyses, as well as gathering together the views of professional evaluation agencies and overseas reviewers.

All the above-mentioned global information and data is scattered around at a global level both online and offline. We take the time and effort to collect and integrate this information into a report. With your busy work schedules, you only need to spend two to three minutes per day to read our “Latest Market Analysis” and then can easily understand the development of the products and the market dynamics.We will continuously make the report to provide reference on each product. Please scan the below OR codes and Like our Wechat and Facebook Page.


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