Can the upgraded mobile power supply gain a foothold in the market?

1 、Google trends
We search in multiple languages, the trend as the picture shows, the interest began to soar since November, 2017. There is no search volume, so we can keep following. The ranking in 11 countries and regions is the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Thailand,etc.

2 .Function introduction
Finger Pow is an extremely convenient portable power bank you can take anywhere. Unlike wall sockets or other portable charger, Finger Pow simplifies the entire charging process. It changes how we charge our phones and other devices by making charging more accessible and convenient. With Finger Pow, low-battery notifications will be a thing of the past.
The concept of Finger Pow is storing electricity in small modular pieces—Charging Packs. When you need to charge your phone, just grab a Charging Pack. It’s compact, and let’s you continue using your device as usual, unlike traditional bulky portable chargers and USB cables.
The Charging Pack is the size of a USB drive and can be attached to a key chain. This makes it incredibly portable, and means it’s completely unobtrusive until your battery needs that extra kick. After your Charging Pack has finished its job, swap it with a new one from the charging station. No hassle, no downtime.

Key word: finger pow

3. Product pictures

4. Social media
There are 10 related posts on Instagram. One video gets 432 views at most, and one post gets 561 likes at most.

On Facebook, one page about finger pow gets 13000 likes at most, and one video gets 22059 views at most.
There are introductions about finger pow on Quora, and one question mentioned that finger pow is the new solution of portable charging, do you agree with this point? Now the related post has 158 views.
There is a crowd-funding website link about finger pow on Reddit.

5.Crowd-funding platforms
A: Kickstarter:there is one successful crowd-funding project. The target amount is USD20000 and the actual crowd-funding amount is USD196200. There are 1352 backers. The price for different combinations is different, one of the price is USD149/3 sets.

B: Indiegogo: No related products
C: Taobao crowd-funding: No related products
D: Jingdong crowd-funding: No related products
E: Suning crowd-funding: No related products
6. B2C platforms
No related products.
No related products.
No related products.
No related products.
There is one pre-sale product on almighty Taobao .com, and the pre-sale price RMB399.

7.Media Articles
There are related tweets on Twitter, but no comments and likes.

There are 16 related videos on YouTube. One video gets 12000 views at most, and other videos also have dozens of to hundreds of views.

9.Patent issues
It was developed by finger pow team in California, the following patent enquiry websited were searched, and no patent and brand issues were found, which needs keep following..

China trademark net:
Us trademark network:
Eu trademark net:
China patent network:
U.S. patent network:
Eu appearance patent net:
European invention patent net:
China copyright:
U.S. copyright net:

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