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Three Steps of New Project–Imagination, Thinking And Study

For new project, or no man’s land, we should think about it with imagination. You need to jump out of your old experience, go out of your way to higher dimensions or more innovative angles to think about problems.

At this moment, the project is in a state of chaos and don’t rush to a point and think about it, or you will miss out on more possibilities.

When a new project is in a chaos and initial state, finding a few good questions, namely the good direction, that is, a few dimensions of the project, is more important than breaking through a point to find small answers.

When the project’s big frame is drawn, it is time to start polishing the details and think deeply. Often thinking about the same topic, reflecting and polishing, is a deep thinking on specific problems.

There are many so-called no man’s land, actually it’s just a lack of cognition, or there were many others practiced and summarized long ago. Or the cross-industry already has rich experience can draw lessons from, and we can use it directly. The breadth and speed of learning becomes important at this time.

Imagine, think deeply, study, to make the point of knowledge converge in the way you want, to produce a breakthrough, to innovate. The thinking of new project gradually became clear.

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