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“Social Marketing” (US) Reading Note II

It’s not true that “social media operations do not require training, and it will make effect as long as you often share posts”. The social media operation also needs strategies and specifications.

Following are main points of this book:
Salesmen posted letters before, later made phone calls, and then sent group emails.
The correct way to open the social media era is to position yourself as an expert in a niche area and to build a community of high frequency interactions.
Not only to build a personal brand, but also to be an influential media person in this field. The individual is the media, and the enterprise is the media.

The specific operation is as follows:
First, do a market segmentation, segment the market finely.
(Small wholesale expert, EU certification expert, bluetooth speaker expert, foreign trade + electronic watch expert, foreign trade mobile power expert)
Each colleague in the company chooses a niche that he is particularly good at and can be a thought leader.
In the niche market, create a community, that is, a circle of friends or groups.

The content you release can use 411 rules, and most of the content should be focused on niche market customers. “ Your social media is not addressed to everyone, but to a few hundred key customers.” Focus on key customers, create what they want to see and wait for them to come.

Update one or two posts every day.
We should interact with others, upvote and comment other posts every day. If someone comment on our posts, we should reply in time.
Ten minutes every day is enough (in the beginning one or two hours every day is necessary), but need long-term persistence, like two years.

411 rules:
Share 4 non-original posts about niche market.
Release 1 original post about enterprise or internal team.
Release 1 interesting post about yourself.
Do it in circles.

In a word, in social media era, everyone is a media, and every enterprise has its own media properties.

An expert in a “niche” is the best position for everyone or business.

The market can only accept the first place in the field.

Small limitation of this book: The book is published in April, 2017, and it’s the same time that Facebook live broadcast popularize. So the content of live and live groups is not covered.

I agree with the concept of this book. It is operable. But media tools update quickly, learners must constantly update their tools to upgrade our operations.

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