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Share An Advertising Planning Experience — Maslow’s Theoretical Template

Today, I read a case study about the brand planning of Musi bedding. When planning, they use Maslow’s five hierarchy of human needs, and make high-end positioning and brand planning for the brand.

It suddenly came to me that why not use Maslow’s five hierarchy of human needs to do different theme advertising plannings.

Let’s carry on the experimental plan according to this idea.

Maslow’s five levels:
physiological need
security need
social need
esteem need
ego need

Our customers are small buyers from all over the world. According to maslow’s hierarchy, the four levels of customer demand are as follows:
physiological need: make money (living)
security need: low risk (safety)
esteem need: end customer identification (social identification)
ego need: self affirmation (self identification)

Slogan planning:
The first phase: Earn more money in crowd-buying!
The second phase: Allow small quantity, no inventory!
The third phase: Collect global supplies, service national customers!
The fourth phase: Connection, empower small business!

Apply maslow’s theory to do advertising planning, the idea is very clear. It is easy and efficient to complete the process of a series of progressive copywriting in a short time.

Let’s apply this method to do a advertising planning for “city agent”.
physiological need: earn money.
security need: exclusive security.
social need: social recognition.
esteem need
ego need: help others to achieve ourselves.

According to this train of thought, the advertisement copywriting is as follows:
50% commission! (living)
One city, one agent! (security)
You are a connection of the world, an organization of the city! (social identification)
Help small businessmen, connect the whole world! (self identification)

The result is rather efficient!

Conclusion: Maslow’s five hierarchy of human needs can be applied to all advertising plannings.

Why not have a try?

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