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How to work efficiently and live happily? — Reading notes of eastern and western culture and philosophy (Wang Dongyue)

The development of Internet will accelerate social change and shorten the circle of a enterprise’s upgrade. People seem to cannot go back to the perfect state — smaller counties, purer people, less need and simpler things, which is advocated by Laozi. The study pressure of next generation must be heavier than last generation. For foreign trader, the more you know, the better you survive, but we cannot overwork or suffer too much pressure, so we must do what is most consistent with the trend, make things easy.

Confucius’ positive attitude towards the world will help us to accomplish things.
Laozi’s otherworldly mentality let us pause, slow, quiet and calm.

Teacher Wang Dongyue uses 13.7 billion years universe development as a measure of observation to analyze the change of all things, to trace to the source of east top thinking, the Tao Te Ching of Laozi is different from agricultural civilization, the western logic and business civilization. Think fast and slow, positive and negative, advanced and backward, which enlightens us to see how our minds are not fearful and poised in a society where change is getting faster and more and more stressful. Although the pressure is great, the pace of work is fast, we can also have a good sleep.

It coincides with the methodology of raising dimensions to see the world and the enterprise, which I learned in the “cloud micro strategy training” before.

Foreign traders should use the time coordinate of the next five or ten years, increase the scale of life control, to reflect and identify the current cognitive accumulation problem, working method problem and tool use problem. Thinking about the future and the present with the logic of global community and cross-boundary integration, and the train of thought will be more transparent, the goal will be clearer and the step will be more determined.

How will global trade develop over the next decade? Smaller counties, purer people, less need and simpler things!

The development of the Internet has opened the world’s arteries and made things simple and efficient. Make information, logistics, import and export operations to “easy” level, no technical barriers.

Smaller countries: Small and exquisite business has become mainstream and centralized procurement of transnational chain enterprises no longer applies. Unbundling is more vitality and has become small module operation that responses quickly. That’s the connotation of smaller countries.

Purer people: Everyone only does what he is good at, which is the easiest way to make personal value. That is do what you like, get rid of the complex public relations, social engagement and marketing. Because the complex business culture is broken through by Internet tools and is replaced by block key automation marketing.
Not human become more stupid, but become purer, or more professional and personalized.

Less need: Big data application, more accurate prediction and clearly quantify demand.

Simpler things: The minimalism of iPhone, less is more, the extreme of Xiaomi, the plain packing of MUJI, all return the products to their essence, make them closer to the simplicity of nature.

Grab the main line, and then choose the tool. It is clear and efficient.

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