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Foreign Trade Tips

The core competences in three stages of foreign trade is different.
In the age of offline exhibition, international trade competes with products and manufacturing costs.
In the Internet age, international trade competition is the keyword qualifying ability of
search engine.
In the social media age, international trade competition is the relationship with customers.

In the Internet age, customers have to enter key words whether they buy on Google, Alibaba, Amazon, or eBay. The sellers competed with each other for the ranking of keywords. The products will sell well if they can be ranked in the first page, otherwise they are hard to sell. SEO optimization, click pay, advertorial marketing, purchasing Google key words, all are based on the discipline of this era.

Logic changes dramatically in social media age. On the phone, search is weakened, automatically recommendation and contents recommended by friends already account for a large proportion of consumers. Business logic changes from active search to passive recommendation. Among them, acquaintance recommendations occupy the mainstream.

The point of whether the goods are easy to sell at this stage is whether the consumers are willing to actively share and recommend your products. The relation between business and consumers and the relation between products and consumers become the focus of competition.
Community marketing and fan relations are the focus of learning and practice in this stage.

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