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The Secret of the Dimensions

Dimension is a secret weapon in the commercial competition. One more dimension will produce magical powers, because others cannot understand this dimension and even deify it.

For example, we see Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, as “god exists”, because in several dimensions he is more profound than we know.

We can recite fluently the slogan of Xiaomi — Focus, extreme, public praise and fast. But just a few people can really carry out this theme and make effect. This is Lei Jun’s difference with ordinary people. It’s normal to worship something we cannot understand.

We think AlphaGo is incredible, but it’s said that Tencent has written its own chess AI program according to thesis.

Companies that have the same dimensions of ability do not see problems in a deified way.

We have an example of that. In the first phase of Canton Fair, one supplier come to our booth over and over again, and marvel at our large customer flow and excellent product choice. It’s incredible for him and he cannot understand at all. That’s just because we have perception of market trend, but he didn’t.

One more dimension, one more competitive advantage. Take a higher view of a team’s ability and build a competitive advantage with multi-dimensional goals.

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