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The Changing And Unchanging of Internet Age

Today, I found that Quora has launched a new function, which can be used to record videos directly with my cell phone to answer online questions. It makes people feel more efficient, real and full of fun.

From words, audios, pictures, short videos to live broadcast, mobile Internet tools are becoming increasingly powerful, efficient and easier to use. Interpersonal communication, although separated by thousands of miles, like close at hand.

Forms are changing, tools are changing, and channels are also changing.

But behind changing is something which is invariable. No matter how forms change, how tools and channels change, the things that are passed on in the end are the same. These invariable things are: content, information, affection, thinking and energy.

Ultimately, these are you and your company.

We study the Internet, study changing, also study unchanging.We try new things constantly to find better solution.

At the same time, polish the unchanging things finely — the accuracy of profession, the height of thinking, the dimension of treating problems and the strength of ability. We need to accumulate the unchanging things, the more, the better.

To deepen the unchanging connotation, to widen the changing method, that’s the Internet methodology.

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