Personal Alarm is coming back?

Personal Alarm, a regular and outdated product, its popularity gradually decreased between 2014 and 2010, and then went into a stable phrase between 2010 and 2017. However, the popularity began to soar since August, 2017, so we make a survey on it.

1.Google trends
Personal Alarm, we search in English (blue), Russian (red), German (yellow), Spanish (green) and Japanese (purple), the result shows that it was rather popular in 2004, but the popularity constantly decreased between 2004 and 2010, then the popularity became stable between 2010 and 2017. The recent five-year trend is shown in the chart, the popularity went up with fluctuation since August, 2017. The ranking is Philippines, Singapore, USA, New Zealand, Australia, ect. The average monthly search volume was 9,900. It was ranked 51st and 66th in the amazon list, 94th in the surge list, and 35th in sales list.

2 .Function introduction
It can be used as a mobile phone or bag decoration. In case of emergency, the safety button can be pulled down to send a high decibel alarm.
Key word: Personal Alarm

3. Product pictures

4. Social media
There are 1612 related posts on Instagram, and most pictures get dozens of or hundreds of likes, and dozens of comments. One post gets 636 likes and 59 comments at most.

On Facebook, one page gets 3500 likes at most, and one picture gets 525 likes at most.
There are only a few related topics on Quora.
The related topics on Reddit also just a few, and one topic gets 37 comments at most.


5.Crowd-funding platforms
A: Kickstarter: There are two crowd-funding projects, but all failed.

B: Indiegogo: No related products
C: Taobao crowd-funding: No related products
D: Jingdong crowd-funding: No related products
E: Suning crowd-funding: No related products
6. B2C platforms
The price on Amazon ranges from USD 8 to USD 20. One product gets 851 comments at most, and other products also get dozens of or hundreds of comments.
There are 30 products on Fancy, and one gets 2600 likes at most.
There are about 200 related products on Walmart, and the price ranges from USD 6 to USD 20. One product gets 3 comments at most, and other product also have a few comments.
There are 3 products on Target, and the price of the most assessed one is USD 9.9, with 2 comments.
There are many types of this product on Taobao, and the price ranges from RMB 10 to RMB 100. The price of the best-selling one is RMB 28, with 523 purchasers.

7.Media Articles
On Twitter, the tweets about Personnel Alarm are mainly product promotion, and only get several likes and comments.

One video about Personnel Alarm on YouTube gets 80,000 views at most, with 260 likes and 79 comments, and other videos also have thousands of views. The time span of the release is from 2013 to 2017.

9.Patent issues
We search on many patent enquiry websites, following are only some of them, and you can go for specific information on these websites if needed.

We take great care in analyzing global trends for each product type, collecting ongoing information for each product line both online and offline, in order to provide numerous reference points to professional buyers and sellers globally.

The source of these analyses are from Google Trends analyses, analyses of global mainstream media platforms popularity, main e-commerce provider platforms wholesale and retail price analyses, analyses of the latest market price of similar products on crowd funding as well as their popularity, offline wholesale market price and popularity analyses, as well as gathering together the views of professional evaluation agencies and overseas reviewers.

All the above-mentioned global information and data is scattered around at a global level both online and offline. We take the time and effort to collect and integrate this information into a report. With your busy work schedules, you only need to spend two to three minutes per day to read our “Latest Market Analysis” and then can easily understand the development of the products and the market dynamics.We will continuously make the report to provide reference on each product. Please scan the below OR codes and Like our Wechat and Facebook Page.

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