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“Pain Point” Reading Notes

I have read some books recently, such as “Pain Point”, “Light Marketing”, all autobiographically, the authors wrote about their own working methods, thinking methods and successful cases. With the sale of books, the author rose to fame, and simultaneously drive himself and company business smoothly to market. This has become a highly successful marketing method.

In the media era, the release of good content, and spread quickly, has become a good marketing method. Thanks to the popularity and convenience of media tools, writing books and spread quickly has become the best result.

In this era, words, pictures, video, audio and other social media platforms are extremely rich. Each platform gathers a large group of like-minded people. The audience wants to find what they want, which is also extremely convenient and efficient. At the same time, just click the sharing button, the content of each media platform can be shared across platforms. This is the feature of the media era, which is different from other times.

It’s a good habit to take notes, make summary and share our thoughts after reading. Writing can not only help you organize your thoughts , but also stimulate your knowledge points to connect and create new ideas in your mind. These contents are valuable, and it is easy for audiences or fans to search and then make connections between the author and audiences if we share them on Zhihu, Weibo, Quora or Twitter. It’s the need of brand, fans, and it’s also demand of this era.

Many people complain about “underappreciated”, or how to promote their own brand. Think about the ways of the authors in the two books, “Pain Points” and Light Marketing”, then you will know how to produce content, connect with the world, and achieve a win-win situation.

We should record and share good ideas, good cases, and some other valuable thoughts with media tools timely. It’s not only a contribution, but also a methodology and marketing method.

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