Mobile phone tripod market research

Mobile phone tripod is a very regular product, and it is also a product that develops with the development of smart phone. So far, the search popularity keeps increasing, so we conducted a market research.
1 、Google trends
Mobile phone tripod, we search in English (blue), Russia (red), German (yellow), Spanish (green), and Japanese (purple), as the picture shows, the popularity goes up steadily in recent 5 years. The curve searched in Russia, German and Spanish goes up with fluctuation in recent five years. The highest ranking of search heat is Philippines, Singapore, USA, New Zealand, Australia, etc. The average monthly search volume is 12100, in the 70 place on Amazon rank.

2 .Function introduction
Used for fixing mobile phones, watching TV shows, taking pictures, taking selfies, live broadcast, etc. There are mainly two kinds, including octopus shaped and the retractable scaffolds.
Key words: mobile phone tripod/phone tripod
3. Product pictures

4.The global mainstream media heat research


There are 383 related posts. Most pictures get tens to hundreds likes, and dozens of comments. One post gets 303 likes and 43 comments at most.


On Facebook, one page gets 28likes at most, and one video gets 9,257,904 views at most. Many other videos also play at the level of above ten thousand.
The main question on Quora is about which mobile phone tripod is better. Most questions get 3-7 answers, and one question gets 202 views at most.
The topics of mobile phone tripod on Reddit are mainly about good products recommended and some others products promotions. One topic gets 14 messages at most.


5.Crowd-funding Platforms
A: Kickstarter: There are eight crowd-funding projects, and three have been successful.The largest amount of crowd-funding is $26,054, which targets at $5,000, with 820 supporters. The price of crowd-funding is $20/ each, $25/ each, $32/ set, $38/ set, $90/5 sets, $150/10 sets, and $249/20 sets.

B: Include Indiegogo: No related products
C: Taobao crowd-funding: One successful crowd-funding. This one is multi-functional, besides the function of tripod, it also has lighting, speakers, mobile power and other functions. The amount of crowd-funding is RMB227385, with 139 bakers. The price is RMB399/ each, RNB699/2, RMB899/2, RMB1289/4 sets, RMB1598/4 sets, RMB3899/10, and 25999/30 sets.

D: Jingdong crowd-funding: The same one as Taobao crowd-funding, has been successful. Crowd-funding amount is RMB347805, with 990 bakers.

E: Suning crowd-funding:One successful crowd-funding. The target amount is RMB1000000, and the actual crowd-funding amount is RMB5032545, with 27,764 bakers, and the crowd-funding price is RMB79/1, RMB86/1, RMB379/5, RMB399/5.

6.B2C Platforms
The price on Amazon ranges from USD 6 to USD 20. One product gets 2888 comments at most, and other products also has hundreds to thousands comments.

There are 55 products on Fancy, and one gets 5700 likes at most.
There are 780 related products on The price ranges from USD7 to USD 30. One product gets 18 comments at most, and other products mostly get less than 10 comments.
There are 3 products on The price of the most assessed is RMB66.49, with 14 comments.
There are many kinds of products on The price ranges from RMB8 to RMB50. The price of the top sale is RMS 8.9, with 17685 buyers.

7.Review on blog like teitter,blog etc.
The tweets about the tripod are mainly about product promotion, with only a few likes and comments.

Most of the videos about phone tripod on YouTube is evaluating videos, one evaluating video gets 102099 views, 1948 likes and 338 comments at most. But the most popular one is a video about DIY mobile phone, which is played 170,000 times. Other related videos mostly have ten thousands views.

9.patent issues
We have inquired about the following websites., but I can’t write all of them here. You can inquiry on the patent inquiry website if needed.
Patent research innojoy Google patent search United States Patent Office Europe Patent Office

We take great care in analyzing global trends for each product type, collecting ongoing information for each product line both online and offline, in order to provide numerous reference points to professional buyers and sellers globally.

The source of these analyses are from Google Trends analyses, analyses of global mainstream media platforms popularity, main e-commerce provider platforms wholesale and retail price analyses, analyses of the latest market price of similar products on crowd funding as well as their popularity, offline wholesale market price and popularity analyses, as well as gathering together the views of professional evaluation agencies and overseas reviewers.

All the above-mentioned global information and data is scattered around at a global level both online and offline. We take the time and effort to collect and integrate this information into a report. With your busy work schedules, you only need to spend two to three minutes per day to read our “Latest Market Analysis” and then can easily understand the development of the products and the market dynamics.We will continuously make the report to provide reference on each product. Please scan the below OR codes and Like our Wechat and Facebook Page.


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