Are You Still Worried About Which Product To Choose? Hot Products Recommended From Google Trend Analysis. (Chapter 16)

Product 1
A Twitter user occasionally found a kind of orange pants that looks delicious, so he posted the pants on the net, and surprisingly got 60 thousand likes. Now the price of the pants on is 9200 yen ( about USD 82). The “Fried chicken pants” spread quickly on the net like virus, so we make a survey on it. –see the 2nd passage.


Product 2
Personal Alarm
We search in English (blue), Russian (red), German (yellow), Spanish (green) and Japanese (purple), the result shows that it was rather popular in 2004, but the popularity constantly decreased between 2004 and 2010, then the popularity became stable between 2010 and 2017. The recent five-year trend is shown in the chart, the popularity went up with fluctuation since August, 2017. The ranking is Philippines, Singapore, USA, New Zealand, Australia, ect. The average monthly search volume was 9,900. It was ranked 51st and 66th in the amazon list, 94th in the surge list, and 35th in sales list. –see the 3rd passage.

Product 3
Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce
It became popular in 1998 because the producer cooperated with a fast food brand to produce a Chinese style Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce, so as to promote the animated film Hua Mulan. It became surprisingly popular at that time, but it was gradually forgotten with the film removed from the cinema. But in a recent animation , Rick and Moratti, when the hero was buying Chicken McNuggets on his way out of prison, he asked for the “ Hua Mulan” edition Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce which was promoted in 1998, so the Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce became hot overnight again. We can see from the Google trend that the popularity began to soar in late March, 2017, and then went up with fluctuation from April to October.


Product 4
Magnetic car mount
It is not a new product, and many people have known it. We can see from the Google trend that the popularity went up slowly from 2015 to 2016, and then continue to rise with fluctuation since 2017, and reached the highest. Its popularity ranking is Australia, the USA, Canada, UK, and India. The average monthly search volume is 4400.


Product 5
Spider Earrings
It is a type of interesting earrings. We search in English (blue), Russian (red), German (yellow), Spanish (green) and Japanese (purple), the result shows that its popularity is rather stable in recent five years although with some fluctuation, while now the popularity keeps going up since October, 2017. You can pay attention to its future trend. Its popularity ranking is England, America and German. Now the average monthly search volume is only 880.


Product 6
Sometimes nothing is equal to the satisfaction of writing in a real paper notebook, although it’s convenient to write on a smart phone or a tablet with a sensor pen. Rocketbook, using a specific FriXion black pen to write, combined with the application, you can upload your notes just flip to the designated place, when the notebook is used up, just put it into the microwave, then graffiti disappears, and you can get a new notebook. We search in English (blue) and Japanese (red), the result shows that its popularity soared and then fell back in February, 2015, December, 2016, and March, 2017. Generally speaking, its popularity went up with fluctuation in recent five years. The average monthly search volume is 40500. 38 countries or regions are in the search. The top ranked countries are U.S. Guatemala, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, etc. This is an American patent, and the research is just to think whether smart laptops can provide us with new categories of products.

Product 7
Indian Healing Clay
It’s a mask, and it’s surprising that its average monthly search volume has reached 33100, and popularity has risen steadily over the last five years. The top ranked countries are America, Singapore, New Zealand, united Arab emirates, Australia, Philippines, Canada, etc.


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