Kid Backpack Market Research

As a regular product of foreign trade, the popularity of kid backpack is steady in the recent five years. But it began to soar since mid-May, 2017. Is it hot? To answer this question, we did a market research on it.
1.Google Trends
We use English (blue), German (red), Spanish (yellow) and Russian (green) to search, and we can see from the picture that the popularity of kid backpack is steady in the recent five years. However, in May, 2017, it soared to the highest and then fell back, and it began to soar with fluctuation again in August. The search ranking is the USA, Canada, Britain and France. The average monthly search volume is 40500.


2、Product Description
Cartoon and animation are the mainly patterns of kid backpack.
Key words: kid backpack

3、Product Picture


4、Social Media

Search with kid backpack on Instagram,there are 1315 posts.



On Facebook, one page gets 11,000 likes at most.One video, which has 247,519 views,more than 280 likes,87 comments,and 162 shares, ranked in the first place.According to the search, however, we find that a boy called backpack kid is more popular, whose video gets more than ten thousand views. Maybe it is the reason why kid backpack becomes so hot overnight. Let’s keep going.
On Quora, someone asked about the special device on Japanese kid backpack, and two people answered the question–it is sound device, once you press it, the bag will make a loud noise to call for help so as to protect kids when they meet with emergencies.
There are many posts about kid backpack on Reddit, and one post gets 6374 likes and 153 comments at most.


5.Crowd-funding Platforms
A: Kickstarter: There are 12 related crowd-funding products. Two of them are ongoing, 8 are failed, and 2 are canceled.


B: Indiegogo: There are dozens of crowd-funding products, but mainly adult backpack. One kid backpack is on going, and has raised USD 326 by 4 backers. The price is USD49/pc, USD88/2pcs, and USD98/2pcs.


C: Taobao crowd-funding: No related products
D: Jingdong crowd-funding: There is a Disney kid backpack that can prevent kids from hunchbacked, and it has raised RMB 52993 by 232 backers.


6.B2C Platforms
There are many kinds of kid backpack on, mainly cartoon style. The price ranges from USD 12 to USD 30. One product gets 887 comments at most, and other products also have several hundred comments.
There are 25 products on, and one gets 2300 likes at most.
There are many styles on, and the price ranges from USD6 to USD 20. Many products have comments, and one gets 101 comments at most.
There are 23 products on The price ranges from USD 10 to USD 35, and some products have comments.
The backpacks on are mainly regular schoolbags for pupils. The price ranges from RMB 18 to RMB 69, the sales volume is 50252 at most.


7.Media Articles
No related articles.

8.Review on blog like teitter,blog etc.
There are many tweets on twitter about kid backpack,and some are about its retail. One tweet gets 14 likes and 1 share. However, the most popular one is the dance of the boy “backpack kid”.


There are 194,000 videos about kid backpack on YouTube, but it is a series, also include some stationery. One video gets 10,903,207 views, 20,000 likes, and 2578 comments at most, and other videos also have millions of views. There are 3,510,000 dance videos about backpack kid. Half of the videos are his dance, or imitating his dance.


10.Patent Issues
With the following patent query tool, did not query the relevant patents. If there are missing, welcome to add.


According to the market research, the kid backpack becomes hot overnight is because a boy called backpack kid wearing a backpack performed a charming dance in a program. He becomes popular in America and then all over the world, that’s why the search volume of the key word “backpack kid” surges greatly.


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