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Feb.17th 2017-1st edition

Have you ever spun a pen or even a book when you were at school? It seemed it will release your tress or make you feel less bored at class. Mark and his brother Matthew from USA are one of those. It took their 4 years in collecting all the related toys to make a new one-Fidget cube. They were rising funds on kickstarter and pledge 6.4million dollar which is far surpass their expectation-15,000 dollar. The fidget cube rocked the market and at the same time the manufacturers from China,they started to make the similar items , hoping that they can make profit on it.
Under that circumstance, we made a deep research on the top two items on the market to see how they goes by now


1.Product images

The fidget cube with 6 sides is the original one from the USA Brother McLachlan. And the one with 12 sides is the similar item whose creator made it to avoid the patent issue.



Fidget Cube has six sides. Each side features something to fidget with:
Click,Glide,Flip, Breathe,Roll and spin.
The one with 12 sides keeps the same 6 features and add up 6 others to fidget with:silicon ball,silicon cord,soft silicon,silicone emoji .ect.
We made the research with the keyword: Fidget cube.


3.Google Trends
It shows that it trended dramatically up since Sept.2016 and trended down a little bit then up again in October. It interests the most in USA, UK Canada and Australia.





4.Social Media
There are 11,531 posts on fidget cube on Instagram.



There are lots of page specially on fidget cube on Facebook and one of them got 20,015 Like. Each post about fidget cube can got the comment and likes.



Here is a video published on 20th Oct. 2016, which had about 32 million views, 100k likes, 8441 shares and 5972 comments.



There are few related question on Quora with few answers.





There are some related post on it but with less interaction.




5.Crowd-funding Platforms
There is a successful project on Kickstarter with 154,926 backers, pledged 6,465,690 dollar. The unit price is $19/pc, $35/2pc, $79/5pc, $129/10pc, $849/80pc.



There is a ongoing project on Indiegogo and hope to rise 1250 pounds. For now, there are 1 backer ,pledges 2 pounds and 4 days to go.



C:Taobao crowdfunding:

There is one project on fidget cube with 12 sides which is ready to launch. The expected fund is ¥20,000.  403 likes and the prices are ¥69/pc, ¥72/2pc,¥139/2pc,¥6900/100pc.



D: Jingdong crowdfunding:No result


E: Suning crowdfunding:No result

6.B2B Platform
There are 17,094 results on Alibaba. The price of the cube with 6 sides ranges from $0.9 to $12 and the price of the other one ranges from $7.5 to $10.

alibaba1 alibaba2


– Made in China
There are 35 results on it. The price of the cube with 6 sides ranges from $3 to $5 and the price of the other one ranges from $5.75 to $9.


made in china1


There are about 390 results on the patent one. The price ranges from ¥2.1 to ¥30.
There are about 30 results on the 12 sides one. The price ranges from ¥30to ¥50.




7.B2C Platform
There are about 600 results on the one with 6 sides whose price ranges from $2.66 to 21.99 with 333 comments to the most.
There are about 330 results on the one with 12 sides whose price ranges from $3.29 to $37.52 with 37 comments to the most.

Amazon1 Amazon2


It shows above that the fidget cube are the best sellers on Amazon.

飙升版1 飙升版2


The price of the 6 sides ranges from ¥7 to ¥97. The best seller sold out about 20k pcs out.
The price of the 12 sides ranges from ¥49 to ¥227. The best seller sold out about 100 pcs out.

There is only fidget cube with 6 sides shown on with 29 likes to the most and with no sales.

There is one fidget cube with 6 sides on Walmart whose price is $10.95 with no sales

No similar item on but there are about 3 commercial advertisements on it.

The price ranges from ¥9 to ¥1973. The top one store sold the one with 6 sides out about 3917pcs out with the price ¥39 and sold the one with 12 sides out about 42pcs with the price ¥86.

淘宝 淘宝1



8. Offline Wholesale Market


-Huaqiangbei Electronic Wholesale Market (No result)
-Yiwu Wholesale Market (No result)
-Guangzhou Wholesale Market (No result)

9.Media Articles
There is one article on named “Fidget Cube, materialize the bored”. Here is one chapter on it.
Besides killing the time, the cube helps you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.That’s how fidget cube be a good accompany to be focus.


10. Customs Data Analysis(No result)

11.Review on blog like twitter,blog.ect
Here is the research result on Twitter, all about the one with 6 sides but with few retweet .




There are 2 videos on the one with 6 sides whose viewer reach million. The top one video got 4,493,778 views and 55,650 Likes, 9010 comments. There are 9 videos whose viewer reach 100k.



The video on the one with 12 sides got 146,698 views, 1,505 likes and 336 comments.




The fidget cube is Created by Matthew and Mark McLachlan.



14. Extended Product-Hand spinner
It trends dramatically up on Google Trends and it interests most at USA.

衍生产品1 衍生产品2


We take great care in analyzing global trends for each product type, collecting ongoing information for each product line both online and offline, in order to provide numerous reference points to professional buyers and sellers globally.

The source of these analyses are from Google Trends analyses, analyses of global mainstream media platforms popularity, main e-commerce provider platforms wholesale and retail price analyses, analyses of the latest market price of similar products on crowd funding as well as their popularity, offline wholesale market price and popularity analyses, as well as gathering together the views of professional evaluation agencies and overseas reviewers.

All the above-mentioned global information and data is scattered around at a global level both online and offline. We take the time and effort to collect and integrate this information into a report. With your busy work schedules, you only need to spend two to three minutes per day to read our “Latest Market Analysis” and then can easily understand the development of the products and the market dynamics.

We will continuously make the report to provide reference on each product. Please scan the below OR codes and join in our Facebook Page and Wechat.


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