How to use Private Space Crowdfunding ?


1. How to set password or code for your project on Private Space Crowdfunding?
1) When posting project, please choose Private Crowdfunding.
2) You can set a password by yourself or generate a default code by system in the project creation page.
3) After setting password, you can send project link and password to your old customers to let them check it.

Note: Before posting project on Private Space Crowdfunding, you need to set your payment methods for buyers selection by Clicking My account — Bank Manage — Add Payment Methods 

2. How to manage password or code on project on Private Space Crowdfunding?
Click My AccountPrivate ProjectManage, you can view your code or generate code for your customers.

my account


private project

3. How to get the password or code of project on Private Space Crowdfunding?
First, go to the project page, you will find you need to enter code to access it.

1) If you get the password or code, just enter it the click Access to check it.

2) If you do not have password, you can apply for it.
Enter your user name and email, then Click Submit. Then the sellers will receive it.
If sellers pass your request, you will get an email notification about code.


Also, you can click My AccountMessage to view the code.
4 How to check orders or buyers information ?
If someone place your order on your project on Private Space Crowdfunding, you can click:

My accountPrivate Projects Orders then to check it.


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