How to produce orders with 6 different logo gathered by buyers from 6 counties ?

I want to share a topic that most sellers and buyers are interested in it that is how to gather multiple and small order to big one from buyers in different countries? And one thing needs to be noted that the products ordered with different logos.

You may found that the felt bag as below, these felt bags have same material and color but with different logos. These tote bags bought were ordered by buyers from six countries. The order quantities range from 200pcs to 10,000pcs .But the unit prices are the same in these orders since these orders are gathered at the same time. The only difference is that each buyer needs to pay for their custom logo fees.

Now you may wonder how do the six orders gathered and to produce? I will illustrate it in the below.

Sales by country
250pcs    HK
10,000pcs Vietnam
6,000pcs    Canada
200pcs Nigeria
1,000pcs American
300pcs Italy
Total ordered:   17,750pcs

(All trademarks and logos appearing on the article are the property of their respective owners; others cannot sell products with above logos without owners’ permission. All above trademark are just as case study reference.)

Purchase raw material for the felt bags

In the crowdfunding process on the felt totes, the gray one is most popular, so all buyers want to order gray ones. The manufactures start to purchase same felt materials for 17,750pcs felt bags. About the handle, it is made of PU. Five buyers ordered brown handles, and one buyer ordered white handle. After confirming, there are white handles inventory on factory, so the price on felt totes with white handle is the same as the ones with brown handle. Thus, the price on handles is offered based on 17,750pcs.


After that, worker measure out a rectangle and use a pencil to mark when they are going to cut.
Besides, they need to cut the PU and stitch them to handles.

Print the logo
Printing plate

The factory do six printing plates based on buyers’ requirements on their logos, including logo size and designs. They use silk-screen printing to do it. The logo set up charge related to the logo size and color, the more cost the more colors.

The factory print the distinct trademarks on the felt pieces, according to the buyers’ ordered quantities after six printing plates completed. It will go to next production procedure after the printing finished and dry completely until the ink can’t be absorbed.

Sewing together

Sew the felt pieces with logo to be bags, and then stitch the handles, watermarks or weaving labels to the finished shape of the totes. The procedure and cost of sewing are same for manufactures even though the labels are different.

Inspection and packing

Each of workmanship and quality is checked visually with severe eyes. After this, pack finished tote in a pp bag, which is completed in the inspection and packing process. Then put the packed totes in to master carton. No doubt, the carton marks from six customers are also distinct. For long-term cooperation factories, the cost of custom carton is similarly same. So it will not cost much even for the carton on small orders.

This is the steps that how to do mass production when several buyers from six countries gathered orders together and need to gain the products with their own logos. Small orders also can gathered together then turn into a big order to put into customized production.

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