How the transaction records and credit accumulation make the cross-boarder trading companies global brands?

by Jessie

As a global buyer, in the process of looking for reliable suppliers, deeply understand their quality and credits are the important part.

However,for now, buyers can only recognize the suppliers by browsing their basic information,like their fair attendance,product standard , making inspection and factory audit by themselves,which are either high cost or low credibility.


For instance,there exists a local trading company, whose total volume has reached more than 70 million USD in the last 10 years. That is absolutely a good example to be a good supplier. However, it lacks of credibility if the total volume expressed by the trading company itself. Thus,there needs a platform to accumulate the transaction records and show in front of the worldwide buyers.



Some of the E-commerce platforms have their own system to accumulate the credibility and sum up transaction quantity and buyers’ comments. This is an efficient way to help the suppliers offer the credibility and be the global brand.



Therefore, here is a problem, over a decade ago,lots of well-known third party E-commence platforms are information platforms rather than trading ones. Thus, if they want to accumulate the transaction record and credibility, they need to go to a tough ways like exporting through the nominated service company to make accumulations which will exists numerous bugs. is born to be a transaction platform which can accumulate records and build up credibility. Every worldwide supplier can sell their products online to accumulate transaction records and gain the comments from buyers,which will help the suppliers build up their reliability and credibility.



Breaking the limitation of time and space is the most convenient part of Internet, thus, setting up the trust should be the biggies obstacle.

Hence, the transaction records and credit accumulation clear the buyer’s doubts and help to enlarge the characteristics of the Internet to the maximum.


Let’s start to do the transaction records and credit accumulation and you will see the value within the next 5 years.


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