“What a good idea !” Buyers surprised by BuyerParty on 118th Canton Fair

–by Alice and Patrick

In the second phase of 118th canton fair, booth of Buyerparty attracts more and more buyers’ stop and interest. They found that in this booth not only the price is good but also the variety is complete. Moreover, every product marks price and have QR codes, which seems strange and new.


Buyers from all over the world are attracted deeply by the  preferential price and the small MOQ. Because the world markets  are in crisis, buyers are sensitive to price. If the products have no  competitive advantage in price, it is difficult to sell.

Due to markets changing fast, many buyers are afraid to purchase  with large amount. Otherwise buyers need to suffer from a big  risk because of mass stock. The price of products has advantage  and the MOQ for each product is only dozens or hundreds, which  confuse buyers. Many customers asked directly “how can you do  it”.

Kay from Livingproof came to this booth for looking at products and comparing the price four times. Finally on the fourth day to the booth, he placed the order on three products and paid for 30% deposit by cash. Many buyers like Kay, they purchase products in this company, and also introduce this “interesting company” to their friends. Generally, many buyers buy two or three copies of samples at the same time, then they take separately.  I guess that they may be from the same country, but sales area may be different. Otherwise how can they share the purchasing information? This is the most taboo things on business.


One of buyers from Japan Yamaguchi Mycom, called out excitedly “good idea, smart idea. Who create this model?  I want to shake hands with him”. I have met four people like the Japan businessman. They think that this marketing pattern is a good idea and is very suitable for current and future market trends.

For small and medium-sized buyers, on Buyerparty, they can buy products in small quantity but enjoy the good price as the big order in this canton fair.

Peter from Indonesia has many ideas about Buyerparty. Because they do internet business, they have many experiences on marketing. Peter hopes that he can build up his own website to sell Buyerparty product and find a good patter to cooperate with Buyerparty. Many customers also want to do so. They are from Russia, France, the United States and South America. I suggest that they can build up a B2C crowdfunding website in local language and the products synchronize with buyerparty , including the data.

But the B2C price should be higher than B2B, otherwise it will damage the interest of other buyers and importers. In this way, Buyerparty products can do crowdfunding all over the world, which can get the most rapid sales for suppliers’ products, at the same time, get the market feedback quickly.

To be honest, when Buyerparty communicate with Angel investment, many investors always asked; if BAT enters in this field, how will you do? Cooperating with agents in countries and areas and adopting the strategy of B2B2C, this is most indestructible ecosystem. No money can build up a local market in the world.

Our old customer CK, who is a Dutch buyer, visited our booth and wanted to spread this model to Europe and South America. From the previous Canton fair 117th we began to talk about cooperation details. Because everyone knows that on the whole, the number of global clients on 118th Canton fair is in the fall. While CK found that our booth traffic is very large and salesman has many business cards, he joked “other booths admire you so much”. And I said that, our booth traffic is very large and it will bring a big business for suppliers, then they will be very happy for this


In the booth, there are many suppliers from all over the country. They concern many issues. The followings are our answer for these questions.

“All of these products are not from our company but from 600 suppliers. Every day, the quantity of suppliers is increasing.”

“We are not factory. We are a platform. Factory post their products in our website, then we will select some cost-effective products to show in fair all over the world.

So that buyers can experience product, crowdfund products or gather orders.”

“Our platform is free to suppliers or buyers. Our system will automatically add 7% as our service fee based on price that suppliers provide when the products are crowdfunding successfully. If the crowdfunding projects are not successful, we don’t charge any fee.

After suppliers know these details, they smiled and said: “we will post our products on website and have a try.”

For suppliers, the number of buyers become less and less. It is more difficult to do deals now. Many suppliers have to drop some orders due to the small order.

However, they can activate these small customers through Buyerparty. Let crowdfunding become a new marketing tool.

This is the pattern of Buyerparty, which is a free platform for suppliers, manufacturers, makers, designers, traders to post their products. It is a platform for global buyers to gather orders. Every buyers buy items based on MOQ, then small order become a big order and achieve mass production, reduce cost. Suppliers and buyers can achieve a win-win situation through the pattern of gathering order on Buyerparty.

Except free, Buyerparty also release the Worldwide Partner Project. Worldwide buyers or suppliers who register free at Buyerpaty.com will be our partners starting from January 1st, 2015 to June 1st, 2016. Any member who recommends other buyers or suppliers to our platform will enjoy 5‰ of theirs transaction as commission in the following three years. In this way, the story of Buyerparty and B2B crowdfunding pattern can spread to all over the world in short time.



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