Why Enterprise Should Do Social Media ?

By Alice

Before talking about self-media, let’s talk about the “media” firstly. What is the media? What is the essence of media? What are the functions and goals of media?

Media comes from Latin “Medius”, means in betweens. Media refers to the medium of spreading information. It refers to the tool, channel, carrier, mediator or technological means used by people to pass on a message or obtain information. It also can be regarded as all technological means to pass information from information source to others. Media has two meanings. One is the object of transmitting information. The other is the entity to store, represent, process, and transmit the message. (The above content is from Baidu encyclopedia). The above comprehends from the essence of media. The goal to combine enterprise and media is to spread the information.

What is the difference between traditional media and self-media.
Traditional media include TV, magazine, broadcast, newspaper, weekly magazine.
Self-media includes Quora, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Youtube, Wechat, Microblog, Youku,  and so on.

It has some significant difference between traditional media and self-media.

Firstly, the difference between free and charge. Technology and methods that traditional media depends on cost higher, because they need Television Station, Broadcasting Network , paper and printing. While self-media depends on the internet, which cost less. That is why traditional is chargeable but self-media is free.
Secondly, whether it can interact or it has the social function.
Thirdly, whether it can be controlled by your own and can operate freely.
Forth, traditional media is good at publicizing widely, in contrast, self-media is more conducive to accurate dissemination.
Fifth, traditional media spends money on advertising but self-media takes time and effort to accumulate fans.
Sixth, especially for EC company, self-media is an accurate and efficient channel to attract traffic in their websites. But traditional media can work well in this aspect.
From the above difference, we know what do self-media is very cost-effective. The first step is always the hardest. It needs to do from scratch. Only accumulate to enough amount of fans, can you see the result of doing self-media.
Many owners of enterprise or manager who do self-media have no ideas to do self-media. I will analyze how to do self-media from different points of view.
Firstly, from the aspect of enterprise strategy, the goals of doing self-media that enterprise should achieve. Secondly, introduce some strategies that do better self-media. Thirdly, introduce the content item that self-media render. Fourthly, introduce some main self-media in the world. Fifth, for different enterprises, how to choose the self-media suited to their own development.
1.  The aim of doing media for enterprise is to convey information for outside, to realize the brand communication, the product popularization and cultural transmission.

In the strategic level, enterprise should clear who are their media audiences. This point is very important. The objects who enterprise should transmit can divide into three types. First one is the loyal customers and users. It also should include the internal employees. Second one is ordinary consumers. Third one is competitors’ customers and users. Enterprise should consolidate first type, should assimilate and transform the second type, and should influence the third type.

For the first type, loyal customers and users, and the internal employees, enterprise can propagate and interact  with them by self-media, let them comprehend corporate culture, know the company’s history, fall in love with the enterprise brand. Then they become the loyal fans and transmitters spontaneously. On account of second type, enterprise should attract them by good content, should impress them by good products, good quality, good experience, good after-sales service and humanity communication. Moreover taking advantage of excellent publicity and culture influence, let them become the first type. As to the third type, if enterprise can affect them by self-media, they are able to be the enterprise’s customers.

In a word, every copy or every plan of self-media should consider the three types.

2.  The methods and skills to do self-media

(1)  The method as posting the adlet

Now self-media marketing trainings are very popular on the market. One of the methods is to follow, like or comment on others’ self-media in quantity. In this way, they can achieve the opposite side’s follow and increase fans fast.

This method much likes posting the adlet in past. No matter the opposite side likes it or not, they post the adlet everywhere if they have the chance to do it. Posting the adlet in large-scale achieve to capitalize on its large scale. At present, the method works well, especially for Facebook and Instagram. However, using this kind of method to attract fans is easier to result in low-loyal fans and complaint. So the method also has some drawbacks. In other words, the method as posting the adlet can be seen as the process from pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of quality, from quantitative changes to qualitative changes.

(2)  The method to be No.1 in industry

The method required to have high-quality content and build up good reputation firstly, then realize to spread through word of mouth. This can result in a geometric increase. The position of enterprise self-media should set up the image of being No.1 in industry. All released content should meet the standards of industry first. This thought is from qualitative changes to quantitative changes.
Beside, the method has high demand for the early days’ accumulation, including the accumulation of high content. Only high-quality Products can form the accumulation of good reputation. So the method needs to operate 1 or 2 years early, for example, doing a good job of that content and doing a steady basic.
(3)  The method to be creative and special

The method emphasizes creativity and it can make viral spread in short time. Sometime, it needs to do something different. Sometime it needs talented creativity. Only this way can gain a substantial amount of attention and realize its effect of mass propagation.

Which self-media is fit for your enterprise? It has many factors, such as products, industry, team, company culture and so on. Basing on self-condition, enterprise chooses the self-media which is beneficial for development.

3.  Introduce the content item that self-media render.

The content item that self-media render is nothing but text, photo, video or audio. Enterprise needs to create, accumulate and optimize these contents in order to attain a better enterprise self-media with diversified forms and plentiful content.

4.  Introduce some main self-media in the world.

International self-media: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Quora and so on.

China self-meida: WeChat, MicroBlog, Qzone, TouTiao, Guokr, Quora, HuXiu, 36 Kr, Ifanr, TMTPOST

5.  How to choose the self-media platform

Different platforms suit different industries. For fashion, food, home design or travel, had better show products by beautiful pictures. In other words, these kinds of industries apply to the platforms of photos, such as Pinterest,Instagram,or MeiTu.
For high-tech products and internet products, enterprise can select HuXi, 36 Kr, Reddit, Quora as their platforms, which can publish products and interact with fans.
As to daily consumer goods, Qzone and facebook are the best choice. Every self-meida platform has it own specific audiences.
If enterprise can pick up a platform that is suitable for development, it will get double the result by doing half the work.

In the second place, choosing a platform should consider the business model. B2B enterprises or B2C enterprises, their self-media platforms are different. MicroBlog,Qzone, Linkedin, Google+,  Twitter, Quora and 36 Kr are good for B2B enterprises while WeChat,Facebook、Instagram、Pinterest are conducive to B2C enterprises.

In the future, every enterprise must adapt to internet and socialize. This is not optional but mandatory. Because of the limitation in users’ concerns, now it is time to attract their attention. Five years later, every user’s attention will reach saturation point. At this time, if enterprise just begin to do self-meida, it is very difficult to keep up with the development.

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