To popularize the Eco-friendly mode of e-commerce in the next 10 years


Crowdfunding is a prevalent area in E-commerce so that most businessmen try to be a part and make profits. Therefore, under that circumstance, everybody wants to make an initial in this area, so here is the first B2B crowdfunding website in China—


Differ from B2C platforms like: Jingdong and Taobao, Buyerparty is a B2B website which is welcome worldwide buyers and suppliers. For buyers, they can get the best price even in a small order quantity. And for suppliers, they can have Large-scale Production combined with small orders from different buyers. In that model, both buyers and suppliers will largely decrease their cost and contribute to a win-win situation.


Eco-friendly E-commerce mold will be a new business outlet


On the phrase 2 of 117th Canton Fair, C Weekly News interviewed one of the exhibitors, Patrick Shi—the CEO of buyerparty. During the interview, Patrick shared a story: A group of Chinese ordered plenty of food in a western restaurant, and they paid the bill with lots of food left. At this moment, a western lady at another table was too angry to call the police for their waste. Sooner, the police came and gave a ticket. The police condemned that,” it is your right to buy the food but you didn’t finish it.  The food is a kind of resource belongs to everybody, so you don’t have right to waste it. ”

Patrick also expressed that at present development stage, numerous periodical problems occur, such as a flood of counterfeit products, large inventory in stock and vicious price competition which break the balance on the whole manufacturing industry.

How to solve the existed problems, How to maximize the utility of energy and to save energy as possible as we can and how to guide the suppliers to improve the efficiency but reduce the cost?  Buyerparty is exactly the best way to help you out.


Zero Inventory through crowdfunding


Patrick said that on buyerparty, the mode of crowdfunding and order-gathering are based on market demand. The production only begins only when the order is placed.

Buyerparty is free to every supplier and buyer and it contains three parts: New project, Industrial design and follow my order, which is aim to be a sustainable and eco-friendly E-commerce platform.


1) New Products–Gather Orders, Cut Cost


Like traditional method, if a buyer places an order, they need to pay 30% deposit first. Within the crowdfunding period, if the order quantity reaches the MOQ of the whole project, which means the project successes and the supplier will start production. If not, then fails and buyerparty will refund the deposit to each buyer. Moreover, the more order quantity gather, the lower unit price present.


2) Industrial Design—Start Production if Buyers Interested in Them


Most products have never been sold since the mold made. In that way, suppliers can even post their design draft on it and set the MOQ for whole project, if it gets huge market response, then suppliers start production which will avoid detours and cut the unnecessary trial and error cost.


3) Follow My Order—A Win-win Situation for Buyers and Manufactures


On Follow My Order, suppliers can post their ongoing or ready-made products on it to let the buyers follow the orders. So that the buyers of small quantity order has the same discount as the big order buyer when factory has a big order in production.


As a new pattern of foreign trade, what are the advantages of Buyerparty?


First, the mode of crowdfunding is based on market demand which deliberately avoids energy wastage and get rid of inventory.


Second, through crowdfunding, the production could be scaled and could reduce the production costs.


Third, small buyers could get the desirable products with affordable price by using buyerparty, even though order quantity is very small. It helps small buyers get rid of importers and suppliers and compress the middle processes


Fourth, the mode of crowdfunding already combines the function of market research with advertising and marketing. It’s new to product innovation and save costs to marketing for enterprises. It is known that a product online can be displayed forever, the project will be restarted by a new order even though the period ends.


E-commerce 2.0 solves the problem of informationization of traditional industry. And e-commerce 3.0 must figures out the solution of how to use energy efficiently which happens to have same view with Industry 4.0 brought up by German. We must transfer our thinking to a more advanced mode and organize our business operations, so that the resources could be protected and human treasures could be accumulated and inherited.



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