How to Build a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign?


The crowdfunding campaigns have become more competitive with the increasing popularity of crowdfunding platforms, like kickstarter and Buyerparty. Now, if you still want to depend on such notable crowdfunding platform features or traffic to promote your projects, then you would get disappointed, since it could be difficult for your projects to stand out in the massive projects online without any strategies.

Therefore, no matter how wonderful your project is you still need to go find tactics to maximize your chances to success for your crowdfunding campaign.

Below, we will introduce some strategies to optimize it and provide you more chances to accomplish your goal.

1、 Create Awesome Pictures
Use high-resolution and remarkable pictures to display your project; it will help to illustrate your projects’ features. The more impressive images you provide, the more traffic, brand awareness and success possibilities you will get for your campaign.

Besides, offer as many as pictures to cover the all unique features of your projects.

2、Create Impressive Videos
Some statistics indicates that crowdfunding campaigns with a video raise 115 percent more in funds compared to projects without one.

Although almost all crowdfunding platforms do not force users to upload videos, it is greatly recommended to create videos in order to maximize the chance to a success for campaign.

Actually, video offers audience a better impression of project since it displays your project or design in full degree.

Especially for industrial design or smart devices, rarely audiences are willing to paying much patient to read product manual even with some pictures. But the video can solve this. For instance, it would be easy to understand how to use multifunctional smart devices, like smart Bluetooth speaker, through watching video.

Obviously many aspects need to be taken into consideration when creating a video for your crowdfunding campaign such as injecting humor into videos, it definitely will draw much audiences’ attention and appeal to people who are likely to share it such as heavy social users.

Additionally, it is better to invite professionalism to do your project video, which would convince audience to get involve and improve your campaign’s credibility.

3、Set a Realistic Duration
It’s also significant to set a rational project duration when you plan to launch your campaign.

According to some search, it demonstrates that Kickstarter campaigns lasting for 30 days have a 35% chance of meeting their funding goals whereas campaigns lasting for 60 days only have a 29% chance of success.

Therefore, it is better to set short, but not too short campaign duration. So what’s the ideal length? It also depends on your campaign goal, generally, 15-45 days is highly recommended for most campaigns.

4、Set a Moderate Price
If you launch a product campaign, it is better to set a moderate price. The more value your products provides, including affordable price, high quality and awesome design, the more audience of attention you will capture.

Before launching, pick the most cost-effective products or most innovative products or designs, it definitely increases your successful chances.

Besides, set an affordable price to improve competitiveness. Find the products competitiveness based on market research analysis. Also, project creators had better to update the products price online or to inform audiences by email and Social Medias once prices changed in the market.

For users posting products on B2B crowdfunding platform like Buyerparty, setting moderate price is extremely significant. Generally, B2C crowdfunding platform targets at individual consumers, so the price is relatively high. By contrast, B2B crowdfunding platform aims on global buyers and features large-volume orders.

For enhancing possibility of project success and brand awareness, project creators, such as manufactures or design firms on Buyerparty, are suggested to take business model of Xiaomi that create attractive products at low costs as reference.

5、Promote Your Projects on Social Media
Sign up to some social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and linkedin and share your crowdfunding projects there with your followers, contact some of the key social media users to help you share your projects with their audiences. It would increase your project exposure and bring more traffic to your campaigns. Before that, you need to pick the platforms that best match your marketing and targeted audiences.

Also, join some niche related forums and community sites to market your campaigns, such as Quora and Linkedin Group.

6、Use Keywords and Hashtags
Insert keywords related to your products into your projects page, inserting them into your project title, description and the alt of the image, it will help your projects searched easily on the crowdfunding platform or search engine, like Google or Bing.

Apart from that, take full advantage of hashtag when sharing campaign in social medias, like instargram, pinterest and twitter, more accurate hashtags for projects means more project exposure.

7、Email Your List
If you already have contact list, it could be your customers, email them, let everyone know your campaign is launched and invite them to engage or share your projects. It may be the one of the best ways to achieve your campaign goal.

Got inspired and found this way from the suppliers on , they made great success crowdfunding campaigns there. After chatting with them, we realize that it is mainly email marketing help them to achieve it.

How they do it? They wrote emails sincerely and invited their customers to engage their projects after projects launching. Many retailers and small wholesales were very pleasure to know that they can purchase small quantity products with best price, so they support the supplier and placed orders online.

Obviously, there are many aspects to consider when launch a crowdfunding campaign, not only email marketing or the strategies mentioned above, but also others, such as providing customers with free samples and spending time to introduce your team by great video or other ways.

Certainly, there is no way of guaranteeing crowdfunding success, but by studying projects cases and crowdfunding tactics, you can definitely increase your chances to success.

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