Buyerparty welcomed its Mexico partner on Aug. 28th

On Aug.28th, Mexico friends–Mr.CK and Mr. Adrian came to our office to consult and discuss our further cooperation.

During the meeting day,they were focus on two topics . The first one is how to largely publicize Buyerparty in Mexico and even in the Latin America. The second part is about the discussion on our new joint venture-Zero One.

On buyerparty part,at first, Sally made a full presentation about buyerparty, such as the functions , the operation ways, the present situation . During the long time discussion, we found the best solutions of shipping terms and inspection. Moreover, for the marketing ways, they exchanged their different methods prevalent in Mexico and China .

They all believe that buyerparty will be known in Mexico market and even in the whole Latin American countries in a near future.


( Ck and Adrian from left to right)

In the afternoon, they came to the joint venture part, the idea of Zero One is proposed by Mexico Group, they want to combine the advantages of our mother company to find more phone accessories with best material , best design and best price. The main product of Zero One will be travel pack of phone accessory includes 5 items: power bank, solar charger, usb line, speaker and earphone. Pactrick, Jack and Keleen shown huge interest in Zero One and expressed they will visit Mexico on October for detailed discussion.


(From left to right: Keleen, Jack, Pactrick, Adrian and Mark)

From the two-day business meeting, both Buyerparty team and Mexico partners benefit a lot . The fully exchange of idea and information will make great contribution to our future business.

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Staff of Buyerparty Inc.

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