To Popularize the Eco-friendly Mode of E-commerce in the Next 10 Years

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The ten golden years’ development of e-commerce in China makes small and medium-sized businesses possible to get in the market competition at a low cost and enriches the online product categories and services.

Apparently, there are so many new problems emerging at present development stage. Fake commodities everywhere, and the unsalable stock stacking up in warehouse. Especially the vicious price competition breaks the balance on the whole manufacturing industry.

The essence of rising problems in the process of e-commerce development is we have misunderstanding on how to get the advantage on market competition that result in adopting wrong ways for facing competition. If a solution would not able to solve the nature of problem, then it is superficial which will aggravate the market imbalance.

Six Effective Ways to increase enterprises’ competency on marketplace

As known to us all that an enterprise, an industry or a country to obtain competency is through below following aspects:

  • Technological Advancement

On the production process, the application of new technology promotes the productivity and gain the competency.

  • Large-scale Production

Large-scale production gains the procurement advantages and at the same time obtains the competency.

Walmart as an living example of big and chain enterprise, is through large-scale procurement and production to lower the costs and get the cost advantage.

  • Basing on market demand and product innovation

Innovation on production process is the key to know your market and make your product marketable. This key process works, then the inventory circle will be shorten; the cash flow rate improves; the rate of unsalable commodities reduces; profitability raises.

Timely and accurate market research is in need. Through large data analysis, it will help to capture the fashion trends and raise forecast accuracy.

  • Shorten inventory cycle time

In the circulation links, if retailers try hard to compress the inventory cycle time and getting rid of inventory, it will certainly form a quick sale to gain a competitive advantage;

Zara is a typical clothing and accessories retailer that expertise at capturing current trends; a representative of fast fashion, only needs one week to develop a new product and get it to the stores without any inventory. It saves the costs in stocking, managing, and fund-occupying.

  • The compressing of intermediate commercial process

If retailers shorten the time of product to the consumption by compressing the intermediate commercial process, it will help them to gain the competitive advantage and save costs.

  • Product-flowing improvement and management innovation

Improving product-flowing processes will efficiently increase the utility of information and energy. Moreover, a small or medium-sized business adopts the new and innovative management strategy to improve labor enthusiasm.

The above six ways will helps small and medium-sized businesses scientifically reduce the production costs in no harm to corporate profit and to win the competitive advantage in market.

Using lower selling price to gain the market competency are based on reducing the integration costs. It’s benign and sustainable solution for development in a way that no harm to enterprise itself and no sacrifice corporate profit which helps enterprise become stronger, market orderly, higher efficiency.

Five improper means of competition that harm others without benefiting oneself

However now business climate of somewhere gets into the improper means of competition. For example, some of them in order to win the price war to lower price on purpose. Those are the  behaviors that harm others without benefiting oneself. Below are the typical improper means of competition.

  1. Plagiarizing

Plagiarist steal other people’s creative product design to lower costs. Obviously, plagiarist reaps without sowing and saves the expense on product design. The behavior of plagiarism hits the creators’ enthusiasm which makes the innovative businesses get little in return and they will lose faith in innovating. We should boycott this plagiarizing behavior because it will blow whole innovation industry.

  1. Unsalable product flooding in the market

If the production decisions depend on plagiarism or on what other factories produce, instead of market research or from big data analysis, then the products and the quantities are far from market demand. Therefore it’s inevitable that large inventory piling up in warehouses which wastes social resources. But if stores or market keep selling the inventory in a extremely low price, it will directly impact the health of business community.

  1. Skimp on job and stint on materials

Some factories offer lower price space by skimping on job and stinting on materials. Even though through this way the product has a competitive price, it could not recognized by the market. Moreover, the product will be shorter market time.

  1. Deduction of wages on purpose

Deducting workers wages on purpose to reduce costs will intensify the social contradictions. For enterprises, it will damage enterprises’ reputation and lead to labor shortage.

  1. Tax evasion

It’s illegal to escape the tax to reduce costs. Because it’s unfair to the enterprises that pay tax on time and will lead to industry decadent.

The above five means to attend competition is wrong and illegal. But under today’s internet environment, those five means are being magnified. If those means are kept magnifying, the wastage is very huge. Why those improper means of competition exist? That are mainly because the backward thinking and unscientific business mode. If the big online marketplace could not able to take actions to protect original, it will be like encourage vicious competition.

We learn the low-price strategy but do not understand that their success are based on the scientific methods rather than the blind price competition. If the blind competition keep going, it certainly will lead to unhealthy business environment and social energy wastage which are at cost of resource depletion and environmental imbalance. Our generations will pay it for us.

In order to give blue sky, white cloud, green hill and pure water to our generations, we should update our business mode, and the Eco-friendly mode of business is the best choice.


What is Eco-friendly business mode? 

Eco-friendly business mode is to maximize the utility of energy and to save energy as possible as we can; is to guide all suppliers to reduce costs by raising efficiency through six scientific methods. This mode of business is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Using the standard of green business mode to verify the e-commerce mode:

  • Technology advancement
  • Large-scale production
  • Innovation basing on market demand
  • Shorten inventory cycle time
  • Compressing the middle processes
  • Product-flowing improvement and management innovation

We found that only crowdfunding and order-gathering could meet the mode of  green business. and are the representative of B2C and B2B. Also the living example of crowdfunding and order-gathering.

First, the mode of crowdfunding and order-gathering are based on market demand which are deliberately avoid energy wastage and get rid of inventory. The production only begins only when the order is placed.

Second, Through crowdfunding and order-gathering, the production could be scaled and could reduce the production costs.

Third, small buyers could get the desirable products with affordable price by using online website, even though order quantity is very small. It helps small buyers get rid of importers and suppliers.

Fourth, The mode of crowdfunding and order-gathering already combine the function of market research with advertising and marketing. It’s new to product innovation and save costs to marketing for enterprises.

E-commerce 2.0 solves the problem of informationization of traditional industry. And e-commerce 3.0 must figures out the solution of how to use energy efficiently which happens to have same view with Industry 4.0 brought up by German. We must transfer our thinking to a more advanced mode and organize our business operations, so that the resources could be protected and human treasures could be accumulated and inherited.



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