Is Your Crowdfunding Project Marketable?

Written by Michael Ibberson on March 17, 2015. Posted in Campaign Advice, Crowdfunding,promotion

How To Make The Product Or Service In A Crowdfunding Project Marketable

First-time crowdfunders often commit similar mistakes, one being a lack of precision. A strong pitch should identify the key features of a product or service—its incentives and distinguishers—yet campaigns repeatedly embark on long-winded narratives that detract from this point.

While a memorable story does connect emotionally with donors and enhance brand authenticity, it should come after defining the core of the project. Why else would anyone listen if the central idea did not entice? As a project owner, then, you must identify what makes your offering innovative and worth a second glance or dollar.

Some call this the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or Point of Difference (POD). Building on both concepts, this post explores how personality and rapport can help answer the question: Is your crowdfunding project marketable?

Leveraging Brand Personality And Audience Enthusiasm To Boost Project Marketability




Brand Personality

Established brands can use their reputations to push new products and services ahead. New brands, however, need to focus on more than just features and promises: they need to resonate with audiences by building personality. Thus, it’s not necessary for a crowdfunding project to be the best, but rather be different than its competitors. Think of how big brands accomplish this through messaging and imagery, then implement similar strategies in your campaign.

Audience Enthusiasm

In addition to personality, what makes a crowdfunding campaign marketable is its ability to appeal to a niche marketplace and to connect facets of its product or service to communities. Rather than telling people how great an offering is, campaigns must demonstrate how it benefits the consumer. This taps into both logic and emotion: constructing the demand and fabricating the want. Select key features to highlight on the landing page, for instance, based on the niche-appeal. Keep in mind, this targets a select audience; it abstains from a catch-all approach.

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