How to get the market response without waste — A Study of Pack N’ Roll from an American Maker


Sometimes, when an amazing idea occurs to you, and you think it will be a success if make it into reality. However, it is a risk for you when you have no idea about the market reaction and the huge cost is standing on the way. You should feel regret and frustrate. Here is an online platform—, one of its functions is Industrial Design, which is exactly the method can help you out. You just need to go to our website, upload your design draft, mark a different price based on various order quantity and set a crowdfunidng period. During that period, when the order quantity reaches the MOQ for the whole project, you can start production. In this way, you can get the market reaction clearly and at the same time save the huge cost.

Here is a real story:

When I browsed on and saw a product—Pack N’ Roll is on crowdfunding. Pack N’ Roll is all-in-one toilet roll dispenser which will innovate your bathroom with color, convenience and comfort. Get this roll dispenser will prevent you from running out of toilet paper in your bathroom at the most inconvenience moment and moreover will keep your extra toilet paper in a colorful roll decor. Owing to its innovative design and practical idea, it has gained huge funds and got lots of supporters on The maker really wants to make it into reality, but the huge molding fee and other costs make him have to stop its process. After getting in touch with him, I made a brief introduction of the function of Industrial Design and at the same time, I recommended an appropriate factory to him. At last, he was pleased to accept my advice to post his project on Industrial Design. Now, we have sent the prototype to the factory, when we negotiate the mold fee and unit price, the project will be on and the crowdfunding period will last for 60days.

If you are passionate with creating innovative product and truly want to make it into reality, go to our and post it on Industrial Design, we will help you turn innovation into reality and of course without any waste.

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