How to get the lower price for buyer

With the diversification of procurement channels, the price is a very important part of the competition,you can step ahead than other competitors, If you can get a low price.But how to do it?

Tarif is a buyer from Middle Eastern. Recently, he was satisfied for a LED light, The price is US$0.8 each one from the supplier.It is not a good price.Finally, the supplier make a concessions, if the quantities could reach 50,000 pieces, the price would be reduced to US$0.6., It is a little risk for 50,000 pieces for him.As he doesn’t know if the LED light would be popular or not.

It was bothered Tarif .When he ready to give up the purchase plan, It happened a turning point.

One day,Tarif receives an email from which is a B2B crowdfunding plat form form China.For this company, Tarif has some impressions.It was knowed form Canton Fair,their products were new and the price is good.He log in the website.There are many products uploaded by the suppliers from all the world.Unfortunately, he didn’t find his favorite LED light.
As he prepared to close the page, he had an idea. Why doesn’t he upload that LED light?If finally there are enough quantities,he can get the low price form that supplier.And there will be no risk in stock.So Tarif registered the website,and uploaded the specification of the LED light. In fifteen days, the quantities of orders easily over 70,000 pieces.This time when he contacted to the supplier,he got a lower price US$0.55 each one.It seems that everything is so good!

Dear, do you get it?


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